their leader is called “Hannibal,” as the field commander of the ancient world. In the real life Hannibal”, André S. means “; he was a soldier in the special forces command (KSK) of the Bundeswehr. Since in November 2018 to journalists about the one of a few founders club Uniter and the Emergence of a possible “shadow army” reports, feel André S. and his club colleagues are to be followed in the wrong.

he co-founded the Association Uniter sees itself as a charitable “Non-Profit organization” is in all Seriousness but, according to the organization chart is also a “continental command”. Uniter referred to themselves as “apolitical” – but warned in April, before the “violence of so-called non-immigrant”, which most of the German media address allegedly.

In its Thursday edition of the star reported in detail on Uniter – invitations to para-military acting as target practice, about the military seeming ceremonial events, and a chat group, the participants each other for Jobs in the security industry, but also their Concerns about the alleged “crisis region” Germany exchange.

The DFB, an optimistic forecast and a reputed job in the Champions League

And what amazed with the Association, maybe the most: It is not a meeting place less confused spirits. Among the members of the and counting Support of the society – until the end of last year about the 47-Year-old Björn B., a skilled businessman and a bodyguard. He is the head of the Security company Shield from Ahaus in the Muensterland. With his company he still works for the German football Association (DFB). For him, he is in charge since the year 2000, the German national team, according to the Shield “in all events, Games and tournaments”.

Bjoern B. left Uniter the end of 2018, after the “taz” and the “Focus” had made allegations against the club in public. The gang were apparently quite closely. In October 2018, the Uniter asked to send in-kind donations for the “Christmas mission” at the fitness center, the Shield in Ahaus in the West of Münster and holds.

invited Exclusively

law network

Association of the soldiers of “Hannibal” to apparently unauthorized shooting practice

Hans-Martin Tillack

With the exit of the heads of companies, the connection between the Shield and the Uniter was not capped. A leading Uniter-a man was obvious, even to the end of June, 2019 in the case of the DFB-security company: The 32-year-old Marc, for example, accompanied at the world Championships in Moscow the national team. The düsseldorf-based acts at the Uniter to today as a “district Manager West” as the first Deputy Chairman of the “country district Director” Marco D’arcangelo and Marc, for example, is Administrator of several Facebook groups of the Association.

Marc, for example, is one of the most loyal fans of “Hannibal”. As in November 2018 for the first time to the public allegations against Uniter were loud, gave Marc the cold; the of the Chat history before the star shows. “What a Kindergarten….. We use the Public and pull around the rudder. In the end the truth prevails and the idiots will have to answer,” wrote only “Hannibal”. Marc, for example, agreed: “this is how it looks!” And he dared to make an optimistic forecast: Already “next year” will enter the DFB at Uniter as “main sponsor”.

on another occasion scolded Marc, for example, talk about “the left Hetzpresse”. He also says that you haven’t decided, in accordance with the critical press reports about Uniter “together” that he’s working for the time being, for the DFB. At the end of June, Marc left for the company Shield.

The DFB and Shield left ask the star to be answered. A further customer of the security company: The Club Schalke 04, is already the affair plagued by racist Remarks of the Supervisory Board chief Clemens Tönnies said. In mid-November of 2018, he was mentioned also in the job boards-Chat of the Uniter. Marc, for example, put together just according to their own information, “a Team”. The job revolved around a “risk game” in the Champions League: Schalke against the Turkish club Galatasaray.

“We control the actual folder and run further checks on persons, as well as mobile squads,” wrote Marc, for example, in the Chat. Schalke 04 have won at 6. November 2:0 and moved into the round of sixteen. In Gelsenkirchen, it remained peaceful.

Between the Association and the company Shield Security Services, a service provider was the contract, was confirmed by a Schalke spokesperson for the star. The subject of the protection of the professional is to play team at away. Marc, for example, come from “at away games of the club” to use.

So not in the game at 6. November? You do not know, answered the Schalke spokeswoman. The Bundesliga Club said, apparently triggered by the star-question Shield-in-chief Björn B. Uniter. You have asked “him, with immediate effect, ensure that no Uniter-would members in the context of events of FC Schalke 04” or otherwise, in the framework of the service contract. “As well he should confirm to be a member of Uniter, as we are otherwise forced to terminate the cooperation,” said the Schalke spokeswoman. Björn B. have confirmed. The only salaried employees of the Uniter-was a member, got leave Shield already the end of June, “at his own request”. Was meant to be, apparently, Marc Z.

Briefly, the security worked for a company for another Bundesliga Club, TSG Hoffenheim, but only for the “Europa League” during the season 2017/18.

Marco D’Arcangelo, the “country district officer”

How lucrative the Uniter promised Jobs could be at least in the past, showed in April 2018. Since the Administrator announced in the job boards-Chat, the Uniter, that “a number of entrepreneurial families” Jobs have to offer. With 85,000 to 100,000 Euro gross annual salary was to be expected. Also, the “use as a team member of a Corporate Security” in the case of a listed company and an owner family in the “greater Munich area” was awarded to.


An Exercise with Camo and battle helmet in December 2017 in Fulda


The Administrator Marco D’arcangelo says. He also serves today as a “country district leader” of the Uniter for the whole of Germany and had already had relations with well-known names of the German economy. He was, according to the information on his profile on a career website earlier in the Dax-company, Siemens, and had to do sometimes, indirectly, with the weapons manufacturer Heckler & Koch to. Once he was posing for a promotional video for the new assault rifle HK433 of the company from the Swabian Oberndorf, he revealed in the Chat. A photo found on the website of Uniter.

Uniter confirmed now that D’arcangelo “on a promotional video for HK” have participated. According to the Heckler & Koch he had been in the year 2016 about one of the weapons manufacturers commissioned the production company as a performer booked. As a former member of the special forces of the Bundeswehr, he had met the “required capability profile” because he knew “with the application of sharp weapons”. To consider Uniter under Heckler & Koch, but no “the Form of relations,” assured the company.

Sixt is distancing itself “in the strongest possible terms” of Uniter

Especially good relations, the Uniter, held with a leading employee of the Car rental company Sixt were at times apparently. By November, the company employed a man as a chief of security who will also be the controversial member of the Association have been. At the beginning of August 2018 Sixt allegedly had on a former barracks site in Baden, Mosbach, on the then multi-Uniter-people Exercises, organized, staff training. It was a “team development training company Sixt,” says the company Opcon from Calw in the black forest, the Exercise organized. According to your information, a number of Uniter-members took part.

Sixt turn, says it had “no knowledge” of such Training. The “head of internal security and its staff were” eliminated “in the autumn of 2018 from the company”. A company spokeswoman added: “the club Uniter and the related political environment, we distance ourselves in the strongest possible terms.”

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