Due to sexual violence in a Fanzug of football a 31, was sentenced to followers-Year-old to several years in prison.

The district court of Mönchengladbach languages the man on the Friday of the rape and also the dangerous bodily injury guilty – he had also beaten nor out of vain reason, a Fan in the train.

flashback: A young woman and the 31-Year-old’s disappearance on the return journey from a football-Bundesliga game on the toilet of the special move. Both have been drinking alcohol, at least the woman very much, such as judge Uta Cramer makes it clear. When Leaving the toilet, the 19 is dissolved in-Year-old completely and accuses the man of rape, as witnesses describe the last Day of the trial. The 31-year-old speaks of consensual Sex.

The judge convicted the relevant convicted man, however, now three years and nine months in prison. In addition, they arranged the accommodation in a detoxification facility, because also in the case of offences in the past, alcohol in the game was. The district court followed the sentencing of the claim of the Prosecutor’s office.

The defense had requested an award in the case of the accused of rape, and six months in prison for assault. The defender left open in the first place, whether he’ll appeal. An expert had referred to the defendant as a “socially dangerous”.

the behavior of the young women had contributed to the Situation, noted the judge. But the student did not say that you “wanted to”, as the man had begun with sexual acts. The fact occurred in April of 2018, after the match FC Bayern München against Borussia Mönchengladbach in the special train, the Fans returned to North Rhine-Westphalia, brought.