the German state Must have connected to its citizens, even if these radicalized, and the so – called Islamic state (IS) – take the responsibility? This question has, of all things, raised by US President Donald Trump in a series of Tweets – and the German government in the cold caught (why, read here).

Since then, discussions about the possible return of dozens of supporters of the ISIS terrorist militia from Syria to Germany. Politicians of all parties have word – and in the debate on. The AfD, the strongest opposition party in the Bundestag, has so far been covered. Now has said party leader Alexander Gauland.

AfD-Chef Gauland on line with other parties,

What will the parties say?

Armin Schuster, CDU : The internal expert sees it as a “humanitarian obligation” women and children “first and foremost, and, where necessary, psychological assistance.” He warns, however, against a short-circuit reaction. “We can use the (German IS-trailer, note. d. Red.) not in the collective.” You must first clarify: “Is he German or is German? This is not so easy.” the Heiko Maas, SPD : The Federal Minister for foreign Affairs considers a Return to “difficult to achieve”, as long as information to determine the method would be missing. the Stephan Mayer, CSU : “A lump sum collective withdrawal of IS fighters, comes from the Ministry for us, not in consideration”, the Secretary of state in the Ministry of the interior. The German authorities would have to bring the IS-trailer “relentlessly and vigorously” before the court, each case would be examined. the Kathrin Göring-Eckardt, Green : “The Federal government must face up to this responsibility, however, and the German citizens who are accused of Islamist acts of violence, take back, and here before the court.”, the group’s Chairman. the Stephan Thomae, FDP : “just as we demand from the countries of Origin that they take back their citizens who have committed with us to crime, you can expect the right of us (…)” Dietmar Bartsch, the Left : “If there are German citizens, then you need to come here to Germany and should be put before a court and then there must be decisions made,” he said of the group Chairman. “We are a nation of laws and we should act.” the Steffen Seibert, a government spokesman : The IS-followers have the right to return to Germany if you are German citizens, he said on Monday. You are expected to be prosecuted, the responsibility lies with the attorney General.

has Now turned to the AfD-party leader Alexander Gauland in the debate. “The IS fighters, who have a German nationality, accused in Germany and locked away to be condemned,” said Gauland. Thus, the AfD is largely in line with the other parties in the Bundestag. To the question, what do the AfD against the radicalisation of those people in the middle of the German company, wants to make the AfD chief, however, no comment.

“Legally, a other opportunity, than to have its citizens back into the country, even if you have fought for the IS,” Gauland said in a press release, Germany will remain, unfortunately, hardly. But it has to be ensured in this case that these people are no danger for the German population. You need round-the-clock, and immediately in front of the court monitors,” he urges. In addition, IS should be fighters with dual citizenship, German passport revoked. “In the case of many of the IS fighters, the generous dealing of the Federal Republic with the German citizenship, are paying the price now.”

the star Reporter Steffen Gassel spoke for an hour with a man from Saxony-Anhalt, confirmed that in November 2014, the Islamic state. The star assumes that it is the man the German Martin Lemke – also, if he did not want to confirm this in the conversation directly.

dozens of IS fighters with a German passport

the German security authorities go after DPA information to date of well over 40 in Syria’s Kurdish territory prisoners IS fighters, with a German passport. Including people who either have only German nationality or of these and more would be said. A detailed Overview of the identity and the whereabouts the authorities have not, therefore, yet, however. The number could increase over time. Overall, the authorities go after these information of around 100 people, IS Background, in the German focus, including women. Add to this dozens of children. Against 18 of the 40 in the Kurdish area established and identified IS-trailer German arrest warrants were met. According to this information, the majority of these findings come from the Federal intelligence service (BND).

the German interior Minister, Horst Seehofer (CSU), wants to let the former fighters and their families only to return to Germany, if their identity is clarified, and do not represent an incalculable security risk. “Each individual case must be resolved on the spot, before anyone is set on the plane,” he said of the “süddeutsche Zeitung”. In addition, Seehofer wants to prevent IS fighters, who are suspected of serious crimes, dive in Germany. “I want to shoot dangerous people, if we cannot ensure the security that we can take, for example, in prison again, because they can be searched with a warrant.”


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