It was a special message to Donald Trump on Christmas eve, tweeted in the world. “I’m all alone (Poor me) in the White house,” wrote the most powerful man in the world. He is waiting for the Democrats to come back and a Deal on border security and agreed to. Donald Trump home alone? A US President who waits to the public about being alone laments and the fact that the Opposition returns in a cooperative mood from the Christmas holiday? This may belong to the Repertoire of Trump’s sense of humor. However, the feeling of – at least political – isolation seems to be with him, entirely justified. Because the year is for Trump to conceivable ungeschmeidige way to the end.

Trump has bogged down in a bitter dispute with the Democrats. He refused, a budget law to sign, if the Congress gives billion for the construction of a border wall with Mexico. He has promised his followers for a long time. But the Democrats blocked. The budget for several ministries and their subordinate authorities have now blocked a quarter of the government apparatus since the days of downtime, hundreds of thousands of government fucking officials are on forced leave or you will need to work without salary. Trade unionists ranting.

Chaos in the Pentagon

Top General admits that he had “no idea” what Trump

Gernot Kramper

intends to Soon still the resentment of the citizens could be added, if they stand in front of closed museums or Offices and their requests will not be processed. At the same time, Trump to sit his Right-outdoor-pendant in the neck, which remind him of promises in his election campaign.

the end of the year for Trump: Shutdown and significant losses in the stock market

The first day of the “Shutdown” were still accompanied by significant price losses on the stock exchange. Stock prices were going at times steep downhill, the stock markets, uncertainty was also due to the erratic government style in the United States. The budget dispute contributed not just to relax. Calming attempts by US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin went to the rear. Also Trumps attacks on the US Central Bank, the Fed, and their chief Jerome Powell turned out to be of little help.

The slide came for Trump’s highly inconvenient. Usually, he endeavoured in the midst of great political turmoil, always the reference to a booming economy and inspired stock market. A lot of the citizens of this President to forgive, as long as it runs well economically in the country. The changes, the Trump gets to be a Problem.

the withdrawal of troops from Syria: Sharp Echo

were the last days for the President less than pleasing: The Echo on trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria and the reports about similar plans for Afghanistan was devastating – both in Switzerland and abroad. Also in the party, the discontent about the President that comes up on the international stage, former opponents and Partner snubbed grows. Several top people out of his Cabinet and his Administration have therefore announced their withdrawal – subject to public Protest. Including the prestigious Secretary of defense James Mattis, the many saw as the last voice of reason in the government.

The award-winning Journalist and author Bob Woodward, who had drawn a tell-all book, like other chaotic image of Trumps government Central, spoke on Wednesday of a real crisis. Moderate forces from the White house were away, things got out of control. “This is not just another government”Shutdown”,” he said. “This is a dangerous time.”

on Twitter, Donald Trump is frustration

The celebration of Christmas this year is likely to Trump as a not particularly reflective in the memory. Actually, he had wanted to go to Florida to fly, to spend with his family there for the holidays to go golfing. Instead, he had to stay because of the “shutdown” in the White house. This was apparently on the mind.

Unusual development of Christmas

courses in the USA and Japan will crash – stock market and Central Bank no longer play the way Trump wants to run it all


in addition to his Einsamkeits-Tweet the President took advantage of the unexpected additional time in the White house, via Twitter frustration to drain and distribute: against the Democrats (false), against the media (liars), against the US Central Bank (incapable), Mattis (on the wrong course on the way) and against the US special envoy for the Anti-IS coalition, Brett McGurk (pompous), has declared a Protest against the Syria-decision for his resignation. A backlash against critics and dissenters.

It is said that Trump had spent after the cancellation of his Florida Trips to his days mainly watching hours and hours of television, and to be angry about the coverage. On Twitter, Trump let steam, wedged and railed in many directions, and complained bitterly about the criticism of his course.

The Saudis and North Korea

courted to be Striking is, who well escaped in to the Twitter series of the past few days: the Saudi Royal family, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un and the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This critic, keep in front of him: Trump hofiere countries of concern and trust close allies, however, a row in front of the head. Even with the decision to pull out of Syria, the accusation that this games especially Russia and Turkey in the hands of was. US media reported that Trump had made up his mind on Syria in a telephone conversation with Erdogan – against the explicit advice of Mattis and other members of his Cabinet.

got in Time for Christmas Trump an invitation from Erdogan for a visit to Turkey in the next year. This could include, for Trump to more convenient dates in 2019. Otherwise, a lot of Unpleasant before him. In January, the Democrats dominate the house of representatives, a chamber of the U.S. Congress. You can make Trump the life difficult for projects to block investigations against him a push. Also, the final report of the Russia-investigation to possible entanglements between the Trumps bearings and Moscow in the presidential election in 2016 – is expected in the new year. Might as well bring some trouble for Trump.

in 2018 and ends on a bit of a pleasant way for the U.S. President. But of 2019 promises to be easier for him.

Christiane jacket / DPA

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