The worst thing that could happen to your marketing plan is that someone leaks it before its official release. People will not feel interested in it anymore. It wastes everything that you worked hard for in the past few months.

Various reasons are behind a potential leak. You need to be smart in dealing with anyone regarding advertising campaign partnerships, including the people working with you.

Do not reveal a lot 

When you pitch your ideas to potential investors, you need to discuss what your product is about and why it is worth their investment. You also need to include your marketing plans in the discussion. If you intend to use banner printing to advertise the products, your investors might want to know that detail. However, do not reveal too much of your plan. Otherwise, these people could use the ideas and run with them. Instead of investing in you, they might choose to steal your ideas and start their own campaign. It is cheating, but you cannot do anything about it.

Hand out NDAs 

An NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement prevents people from talking about what you wrote in the deal. It is a crucial strategy since the document is legally permissible. You can sue someone for revealing any information contained in the NDA. Even your employees need to sign this document. Sometimes, the person leaking the information comes from within, and you do not want to take the risk.

Get a provisional patent 

Patenting is expensive, and it takes time. However, it is the best way to protect your ideas from being stolen. With the help of a provisional patent, you can secure these ideas even if they are not yet final. Anyone who hears them cannot leak the details or use any aspect of them, as it constitutes a legal violation.

Document everything 

Whether you are brainstorming with your employees or pitching to your investors, you need to document the entire process. It helps if you set up a video somewhere in the room while planning. You can also create a paper trail of all transactions you conduct with other people. Making a log that includes the signature of all parties involved could also work.

Find loyal employees 

You cannot quickly gain the trust of the people working with you. If you find people who remain loyal to your company after many years, they are for keeps. You want them to be your eyes if anyone in your company is trying to hurt you. Again, the leak could come from inside, and you want to avoid it.

The chances that somebody steals your ideas or leaks them is quite small. Despite that, you still need to protect yourself. You already witnessed some businesses that wasted a lot of money because the leaks doomed the campaign. You also want to avoid going into legal disputes with several people. Even if you do, you already have evidence to support your claims and ensure legal victory.