Actually, Donald Trump has to do all hands full with the Affairs of his government: the duration of the dispute with the Democrats, fighting for the migration policy, and plenty of outdoor political construction sites. Nevertheless, the US President seems to still have open capacity, in terms of advice in other people’s Affairs. On Monday, Trump announced on Twitter several times with such Instructions.

In one of his first Tweets on Monday morning, the President of the aircraft manufacturer Boeing, the Mittelstreckenjet 737 Max advised, is occupied after two devastating plane crash with a worldwide prohibition, but simply rename it. “If I was Boeing, I would take the Boeing 737 Max, a couple of great properties adding to the plane a new name, miss”, as wrote Trump. “No product has suffered as much as this.” Trump afterwards pushed: “What the hell do I know?” He may have no idea of brand building, “but I’m the President!”.

fire in Notre-Dame

Michel and close to Cologne Cathedral, let your bells ring +++ fire video

DPA Trump released is recommended to use fire-fighting aircraft,

On Monday afternoon (local time) responded to Trump on the great fire in the world famous Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. The images of the devastating flames were also seen in the United States on many television channels. Of Board the government plane Air Force One on the way to a visit in the US state of Minnesota – wrote Trump on Twitter, it was terrible to see the huge fire in the Cathedral. Maybe fire-fighting aircraft, could be used to fight the fire, he recommended. To do so, the cautionary note: “It is important to act quickly!”

During a visit to the U.S. state of Minnesota Trump then spoke of a “terrible fire” to an extent I have rarely seen someone. Currently it look like burn Notre-Dame completely, he lamented. The Cathedral is one of the greatest treasures in the world, greater than almost every Museum in the world, Trump said. “It is part of our culture. It is part of our life.” There is probably no other Cathedral like this in the world.

the reaction of The French people was not long in waiting: From an airplane water on a building to throw off, could lead to the collapse of the entire building, wrote to the French civil protection on Twitter.

ivi / DPA

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