Timmothy, the last Time was tips on 12. In may 2011, a theme Park seen. His mother had picked him up early from school – there is a family emergency, she had said. But it was the beginning of a three-day Trips to Zoos and water parks in the United States, on which they laid about 500 kilometers. On recordings from surveillance cameras, they made a happy, almost relaxed impression, writes the American channel CNN. And all was good, would have reported the mother of one of the many phone calls with the family.

That was not true apparently.

Timmothy Pitzens mother was later found dead in a Motel room. They had taken their life. Next to her was a note on the stand, her son was in the care of people who love him “and to take care of him”. And: “you will never find him.”, CNN reports further.

has Now reported eight years later, a 14-Year-old to the police. And several U.S. media, according to given to be the missing Timmothy Pitzen. What happened?

the FBI is investigating missing person’s case: Is it really Timmothy Pitzen?

she was nervous when she saw a scrawny boy by the Western Eighth in Newport (Kentucky) early Wednesday morning. To you bruising finally, the blood and the fear in his face have seen, portrays an eye-witness to the local station WCPO. Since she had been safe From him, no danger goes out – he runs away from danger.


As Timmothy disappeared tips, he was six years old

©source: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

The Boy have approached to a car and its driver asked: “Can you help me?” He had been kidnapped and just wants to go home. The police, he told later, several U.S. media that he had been detained by two men with a “bodybuilders physique” in a Hotel in the state of Ohio. The exact location of the hotel, he didn’t know, he just started to walk. Eventually, he passed a bridge and had landed in Newport.

Since then, several divisions of the FBI to determine whether the 14-Year-old, in fact, the missing Timmothy Pitzens. Official information about his identity yet.

The grandmother of the Missing, Alana Anderson, said the broadcaster ABC News that she had the hope, that the 14-Year-old is actually her grandson. Currently, a DNA Test is performed, the identity of the teenager. Another eye witness, Shanon Hall, told CNN on demand: The Young have top Similarity with the one you have on a picture from 2011 – Timmothy.

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sources: CNN, news Agency, AFP, ABC News, WCPO, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children