It is a particularly grisly crime that should have been the beginning of the month at a dam in North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleiden. Since a few days, two suspects sitting in detention. They are accused of attempted homicide, false imprisonment and assault. The office of the public Prosecutor of Aachen, confirmed to the star. Prior to this, the WDR reported on the case.

according to The authorities, the following happened: In the night from 5. on the 6. April will pick two men, 35 and 36 years old, a well-Known with the car at his home. The 39-Year-old knows the two, he goes voluntarily. You to lock in with him to the Urfttal, then you attack him all of a sudden, a beat on him and drag him out of the car. The two men tie up their victims with a noose around the torso, make it to the trailer hitch of your Van and give full throttle. Approximately 500 meters, you can grind the man on the Asphalt.

your life is dangerous for the injured victim, you take away cash and mobile phone and leave it behind in the middle of the night, in the middle of Nowhere to Die. The dam is located in the Eifel national Park, surrounded by Greenery. Just by coincidence, the man is found the next day in hospital. He survived the ordeal.

urfttal 39-Year-old with life-threatening lung injury

lock: After a few days in the hospital, the 39-Year-old statements, accused the two men. 12. April, the police arrested you, a judge shall issue a warrant. They are silent to the accusations. The information on the sequence of events based on the testimony of the man. His severe injuries to corroborate his Version. He suffered multiple rib fractures, bleeding in the face, numerous abrasions and a tension pneumothorax. The latter is a life-threatening lung injury.

The background of the case puzzling. The two suspects are not according to prosecutors, police known. In addition, it is still unclear what is the relationship of the three German to each other. The only stipulation was that the victim had been his tormentor known. How, exactly, will be determined. In the same way as the motive for the gruesome attack.