the turmoil of The post-war made it Henri Landru easily. Countless people were missing, families looking for their loved ones, soldiers and their wives. Who wanted to dive into this tangle, had a slight game. And if in this time someone disappeared, were overloaded by the authorities to be able to really look for.

And so it took a long time, until the ladies are mostly lonely middle-aged widows – were missing after a trip to the countryside. Your stories and your death, have now been addressed in a newly published book. The author, Richard Tomlinson has been spotted, old court records and newspaper articles. And paints a picture of a consistently by driven man who murdered at least ten women and at the end of the case to the court a little secret about power, how much he despises women.


Landru and his mistress, Fernande Segret, 1918


began The life of Henri Landru 1869 little spectacular. He was born as the son of a seamstress and an iron and steel maker, went to a Catholic school and was a maximum of by study. He maintained, and could go on to school and got a job in an architect’s office. He married his cousin, with whom he had an illegitimate child. Three more children followed.

fraud, Marriage fraud, murder

But a killer’s left his well-ordered life. It started with a couple of smaller scams, in 1908, he shifted to Marriage fraud – and landed promptly in jail. After his release, he continued to perk up and was soon wanted by the police. A new identity was needed. The gave him time. In Paris, he went into hiding.

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in 1914, he ran an ad, a wedding ad. Already there, according to the author, had been made the intent a long time ago: Landru wanted to kill, and the assets of the ladies to acquire. In the next five years, he’s going to kill at least ten women, a boy and two dogs. According to the files of the French investigators themselves Landru supposed to have met with 283 women. So today is for sure: The exact number of his victims will probably never know.

On the 12. April 1919 suddenly police officers in his apartment near the Paris Gare du Nord train station. They had come to the serial killer on the ropes. Responsible to the families of the victims. The was overloaded with Missing persons, but families of the dead identified. A sister of one of the victims recognized Landru in Paris. The subsequent process shocked the Parisian inhabitants and a large media interest. This was also due to a lack of subjects alternatives, because the Newspapers could not report to due to the censorship over domestic issues. Because of the criminal case of Landru came to the right place – and attracted a lot of spectators in the courtroom. The seats were coveted. About 150 witnesses have been from the 7. November 1921 belongs to. However, it was not an easy process, because the most important evidence missing from the bodies.

Gesche Gottfried

“It’s probably more Instinct than intention”: As the “angel of Bremen” to the poison murderess, was

Gesche Gottfried took care of at the beginning of the 19th century. Century, sacrificing their sick and dying loved one. As the “angel of Bremen” made a name for himself – until it was exposed as a poisoner. 15 people killed them.

Katharina Grimm As Landru brought the women to

a killer’s victim had invited to the country. He even made an appearance as a wealthy man, as a higher official, sometimes as a factory owner. The houses, in which he called his sacrifice, he had rented. The tickets he booked for the trip, always followed the same logic: A simple journey for the ladies, and return ticket for him. The women were never seen again. He murdered them in the houses.

However, searches of the police were, initially, very little. Carcasses of dogs were found, even women’s stockings, parts of a corset and Remains of shoes. That’s all. First of all. As a subsequent study, the investigators found bone fragments, parts of three human skulls, five feet and three hands. Apparently, Landru had burned his victims in a furnace.


Andrée Babelay (19) and Célestine Buisson was to Landrus Victims.

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The case has been solved, Tomlinson, mainly through the persistence of the female victims ‘ relatives. And it had not been easy. Because it was at this time an advantage to be a man. Shopkeepers, coachmen, shoemakers – all of them were asked by the female relatives for help. And they all said no. Before the court Landru tried to discredit the credibility of the female witness, finally, it were the “weaker sex”, quoted by Tomlinson, from the files. Also, the judge ruled on the ten dead women, they had been “stupid, weak, willfully ignorant and naive”. The Newspapers mocked the seamstresses, maids, or prostitutes who had appeared before the court. Landru had to endure the “cackle” of women in the Courtroom hardly, writes Tomlinson. You can’t trust them to have said the killer’s, just because they are women, quoted by the Daily Mail.

Landru protested until the very end his innocence of all charges, he pointed. He pulled it, the Prosecutor, the judge and the Jury with a single question. “Your evidence, gentlemen, where’s your evidence?” The jury did not believe his protestations. 25. In February 1922, he was executed in the morning, on the Guillotine.