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Gatwick airport lame – Ryanair gives way to Stansted (22.14 PM)arms finds and arrests in the state of Baden-Württemberg (17: 55)spying attempts at Stuttgart Airport – police are looking for several people (17.25)Qualcomm ban on sales in Germany in the iPhone dispute (17.06 PM)sharp, search protect at London airport after a drone pilot (16.32 hours), and France’s military presence in Syria for the time being (10.24 PM)

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+++ 22.32 PM: Three Suspects in Morocco after the murder of a tourist inside +++

After the murder of two Scandinavian backpack as a tourist in Morocco, according to information from investigators, the three searched the Suspicious circles were arrested. All three came from Marrakech, one of them have a legal history “in connection with terrorist acts,” it said in investigators circles. Another man had already been arrested. According to the prosecution the four Suspects the jihadists organization Islamic state (IS) swore Loyalty to. The bodies of the young women – the 24-year-old Dane, Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and her four years older Norwegian friend, Maren Ueland had been found on Monday in a secluded area of the Atlas mountains, two hours walk from the village of Imlil. One of the two young women was beheaded, according to information from investigators circles.

+++ 22.14 PM: Gatwick airport paralyzed – Ryanair gives way to Stansted from +++

Because of the Gatwick airport after sightings of Drones is paralyzed, the low-cost airline Ryanair to Dodge his Jets on Friday to another London Airport. The Ryanair has announced. The flights take off and land for the time being in Stansted, North-East of the British capital. The air traffic at Gatwick, the second largest Airport in the Kingdom, is since Wednesday evening, almost continuously, because of the Unknown drones in the airspace over the runway upgrade. Hundreds of thousands of travellers remained there or ended up somewhere else. When Gatwick is back in operation, was initially unclear. The channel Sky News reported that evening, citing an airport spokesperson that passengers should not be asked to come on Friday to Gatwick. On the Twitter Account of the airport there were however, no precise information.

+++ 17: 55: searches because of terrorist suspicion in the North of Baden – solid + took++

In the case of four Apartment searches because of terrorist suspicion to the police in Mannheim and in the Rhine-Neckar-circle, has arrested three Suspects. Officials of the special task force (SEC) and the criminal investigation Department were searching late Wednesday night, two apartments in Mannheim, Plankstadt and Reilingen. A 39-year-old woman and two men aged 33 and 49 years of age were taken, such as the state office of criminal investigation in Stuttgart, and for the security of the state prosecutors said in Karlsruhe. A connection with the possible Exploits at the Stuttgart airport does not exist according to the current state.

In plank city the officers found a fully automatic weapon with ammunition safe, which falls under the war weapons control act. It is suspected that on the premises other weapons are hidden.

as To the reasons behind what the gun should be able to be used, first of all, no information. The Suspects are to be paraded on suspicion of preparing a serious state of violence and illegal possession of a firearm, the judge dangerous. Further details were not immediately known.

+++ 17.46 PM: last-Minute: Congo’s presidential election has been postponed for a week +++

Three days before the presidential election, the election Commission has ordered in the Congo to a postponement of the vote by a week. The Chairman of the authority, Corneille Nangaa, said at a press conference in the capital Kinshasa. Due to the displacement problems in the preparation.

for Sunday’s planned elections in the Central African state had originally intended to take place already by the end of 2016. President Joseph Kabila, who is not entitled to apply for a further term of office, but found new reasons to make the choice to move.

+++ 17.25 PM: spy trials at Stuttgart Airport – police are looking for several people +++

The police are seeking in connection with a potentially planned attack on an airport in the southwest of Germany four people. Safety circuits confirmed the German press Agency the appropriate information. Previously, the südwestrundfunk (SWR) had reported about it. Two of the Wanted were father and son and originated from North Rhine-Westphalia. They had already noticed last week, the French police, as they did at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport photos from the Terminal.

according to the SWR report, the two men were spotted at the airport in Stuttgart. They could be identified, therefore, on the basis of video recordings. The competent police headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany, did not want to comment on the report. The investigation of the Stuttgart Prosecutor’s office, which is not expressed, but on Thursday evening, on request.

search for four Suspects

police after a terrorist suspect at Stuttgart airport nationwide “awareness”

According to the possible spying on the Stuttgart Airport, armed security forces patrol difficult nationwide at airports. The police are looking for four Suspects.

DPA +++ 17.13 PM: US-Minister: Illegal immigrants must wait in Mexico on procedure output +++

In the United States apprehended “illegal immigrants” should, in the future, in Mexico on a decision in their procedure to wait. This homeland security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced. So immigrants should be prevented from in the US to plunge.

+++ 17.06 PM: Qualcomm ban on sales in Germany in the iPhone achieved-armed +++

The chip group Qualcomm has ban in its patent dispute with Apple sales in Germany, fought for, which could restrict the sales of several older iPhone models. Affected are the following model series: iPhone 7 and 8 and the iPhone X from last year. Apple pointed out at the same time, the fact that these devices are supposed to remain mobile operators and other traders continue to be available. Only in the 15 German Apple Stores, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 will no longer be sold. The newer models of iPhone XS and XR are not affected. The iPhone X had e Apple in his offer already by the XS rsetzt.

The regional court in Munich on Thursday, the infringement of a Qualcomm patent by Apple. Qualcomm can the prohibition of the sale only, if a security is deposited by at least 668,4 million euros. The amount is valid for two proceedings in which it went to the Patent. In addition, Apple should pay compensation to Qualcomm.

Apple spoke at a “desperate attempt” Qualcomm, of the actual differences between the two companies to distract. They wanted to go against the judgment in appeal.

+++ 17.06 PM: Norway’s head of government apologizes because Solskjaer-Tweet +++

The Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, has apologised for a Tweet in which Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is premature to appoint as interim coach of Manchester United congratulates. She had been on the Tuesday night “a bit too quickly,” said Solberg on Thursday on one of their twice-yearly press conferences.

Solberg had deleted the Tweet immediately, since Solskjaer was not yet officially appointed by the English football record champion. “I deleted it, because I had the feeling to be not allowed, to confirm it,” she explained. Solberg stressed that it did not have insider information.

The former United striker Solskjaer will take care of the poor, launched in Manchester Team after the separation of José Mourinho as an interim coach until the end of the season. English media reported that a little later deleted the Video should have confirmed on the Club Homepage Solskjaers appointment is premature. Solberg congratulated on Twitter finally once again on Wednesday.

+++ 16.53 PM: judge rejects suspension of proceedings against Weinstein +++

The process against the former Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein, 66, will take place despite objections from the defense. Judge James Burke declined at a hearing before a court in New York, the claim of the defense to a termination of the proceedings. A further hearing was for the 7. March set. When the process could start, remained unclear.

Weinstein appeared in a suit and tie for the hearing, together with his counsel, Benjamin Brafman, who spoke after the appointment of a “disappointment”.

dozens of women accusing Weinstein of sexual Assault, including well-known Actresses. In New York, he is accused of, among other things, for the rape. The allegations of one of the Affected have been provided by new evidence recently, however, in question.

+++ 16.37 PM: EU-countries for the first time in the car is also climate requirements for trucks +++

The carbon dioxide emissions from new lorries and buses should be reduced according to the will of the EU countries in 2030 by 30 percent. Up to 2025 a decline of 15 per cent is to be achieved. The EU environment Ministers agreed in Brussels. This is the first ever set CO2 limits for new cars for load. You will be missed, may face stiff fines. Then follow negotiations with the European Parliament, which had voted in favour of ambitious goals.

the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze (SPD) had spoken in the morning, for a reduction target of 30 percent. Ultimately, Germany is contained in the decision of the Minister of the environment, as it was called from participants circles. In the negotiations of the Schulze supported a proposal by the EU had been sharpened Commission, for example. Whether that was the reason for the abstention, remained open in the first place.

+++ 16.32 a.m.: sniper search protect at London airport after a drone pilot +++

After the interference by the drone at London’s Gatwick airport, the police has to protect the British media reports of a sniper and a helicopter used to make the responsible. Because several drones circled over the runway, had to stay on Wednesday and Thursday, numerous planes on the ground, as the seventh largest airport in Europe announced on Twitter. “We will continue our search for the operators,” tweeted the police in the Region of Sussex at noon.

The airport had been suspended on Wednesday evening, all takeoffs and landings until Further notice, after a drone was spotted flying over the airfield. Many passengers were stuck for hours in your home clear of machine while incoming aircraft away to – some hundreds of kilometers of airports were diverted. In the early hours of the morning, the operation was taken up briefly again, but then again been stopped. More than 14 hours after the first sightings was discovered on Thursday morning, once again a drone over the airfield Drones.

+++ 16.29 PM: Explosion in Swedish school – no suspicion of terror +++

In a Technical school in Hässleholm, Sweden, northeast of Malmö has in the Morning an Explosion. The police believe that the blast was deliberately triggered. No one hurt, a police spokesman told the Swedish television SVT. A suspect has been arrested. Originally, it had been determined against him because of terror suspicion. In the afternoon, the police took the back. “We assess it as an isolated event, and are of the opinion that it is not a terrorist Offence,” said a police spokesman at a press conference.

+++ 16.27 PM: Dead boat refugees – Iraqi smugglers. jail +++

In the process to the death of four Boat people, including three children, during the Crossing from Turkey to Greece, the Kiel district court has sentenced a smuggler from Iraq to six years in prison The trial chamber spoke to the man for attempted smuggling resulting in death is guilty. The defendants have commercially traded as part of a gang.

with more than 300 refugees overloaded wooden boat capsized in October 2015 in the Mediterranean sea between Turkey and the Greek island of Lesvos. A total of at least 54 people were killed, the accused will be made for four deaths. He brought according to the indictment, with several accomplices 26 people on Board the boat. For the Slingers, he should have a five-digit amount.

+++ 16.24 PM: associations are calling for tougher rules to drones +++

After the drones malfunction at London’s Gatwick airport, German air transport associations have called for tougher rules for the operation of the unmanned missile in Germany. “We have for a long time that we need to have a registration requirement for drones, so that responsibility and liability can be clearly assigned,” said the chief Executive of the Federal Association of the German aviation industry, Matthias von Randow, in Berlin. The should be regulated at European level. So far the vorgeschriebene plaque on the drone is not rich. The airport Association ADV also requires that drones with a System that makes them such aircraft electronically visible.

+++ 16.16 at the number of asylum applications in the EU is increasing again in the third quarter slightly +++

The number of asylum applications in the EU increased in the third quarter of 2018. From July to September, 146.900 people were for the first time an application for international protection, such as the EU statistics office Eurostat announced in Luxembourg. The were about four per cent more than between April and June, as there had previously been a Plus in the same amount. In comparison to the high phase of the refugee crisis in 2015, the number has decreased significantly.

The majority of requests was made with 42 000 in Germany. Around 29 percent of the Total and significantly more than in the second quarter (33 700). In relation to the population size of Germany is not the leader.

+++ 16.03 PM: Association: prohibition of new year’s Eve fireworks in cities +++

The Association of the pyrotechnics industry (VPI), the increasing bans on new year’s Eve fireworks has been criticized in large cities. Thus the wrong addressee, would be taken, said the Association managing Director, Klaus Gotzen in Ratingen: “It’s not only the shooting over the target, but also all those who want to celebrate peacefully.” Hannover had not announced this year for the first time, to allow the Böllerei. In Göttingen, Düsseldorf, Tübingen, Celle or Wolfenbüttel, there is the prohibition in the old towns for years.

Also in Bremen, where Comet fireworks wanted to introduce on Thursday, the novelties of this season, may be burned in the market square on new year’s eve. The start of sales for new year’s eve fireworks on the 28th. December. Popular among the German batteries, and composite fire works are according to the Association of the pyrotechnic industry for years.

+++ 15.36 PM: Islamist Terrorist is sentenced to four years in prison +++

Because of membership in an Islamist terrorist organisation, a man has been sentenced in Frankfurt to four years in prison. The 26-year-old German citizen, Mohamad A. was established in 2013 in Syria, among other things, grenades and heavily armed, transportation of food is accompanied, as the Frankfurt higher regional court found in its judgment. (Az. 5 – 2 OJs 47/17 – 2/18).

The Convict had given to the actions previously and voluntarily by the terrorist militia Ahrar al-sham (“Islamic movement of Free men of greater Syria”). The man had already been in 2017 due to a drug offence-resistant and convicted. Since then, he is in prison. The judgment is not yet final.

+++ 15.31 PM: AfD Bremen: Young Alternative Bremen to be dissolve +++

resolved After the end of the young Alternative (JA) in lower Saxony, the country of the Association in Bremen. The AfD Bremen recommend your young organisation self-dissolution, informed the party on Thursday in Bremen. Due to the protection of the Constitution, to observe the Young Alternative. The corresponding decision was taken at a state Executive meeting on Wednesday, unanimously.

at the beginning of November had dissolved their state Association of lower Saxony, after this has been assessed by the authorities as an enemy of the Constitution. In Bremen, the Young Alternative the Constitution will be observed protection. There is reason to suspect that the had extremist aspirations.

+++ 15.08 PM: spying trial at the Stuttgart Airport could be a terrorist Background +++

The spying attempts at Stuttgart airport, could have a terrorist Background. At least one of the Suspects, according to information from the German press Agency as an Islamist threat. Further, it was targeted by three Suspects are currently. According to information from security circles for a possible connection to a similar suspected case is tested on the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport a week ago.

The references date back to the dpa, according to information from the German and French safety authorities. At the beginning of December, there have been first indications that they had been compacted at the beginning of this week.

Because of the spying attempts have been tightened at the Stuttgart airport were also at the airports of Friedrichshafen, Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden and Mannheim, the safety precautions, however, as purely a precautionary measure.

+++ 15.04 PM: the UK reaches an agreement with Iceland and Norway in the Brexit case +++

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway met with the UK agreement, the discharge for a British EU-the rights of their citizens in each other’s country. The Norwegian informed the Ministry of foreign Affairs. “Our goal was that a Brexit for Norwegians in the UK and for British in Norway will change as little as possible”, said foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide. Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are associated with the EU in the European economic area (EEA).

the agreement could, for example, Norwegian and British students and workers in the United Kingdom and Norway. Also you have to rules for phasing out and Completing processes, such as customs, public procurement, cooperation in police investigations, exchange of information and data security agreed. Under the agreement going to be signed but only if the UK actually come from the EU, it said.

+++ 14.53 PM: Marlboro group to invest 12.8 billion in E-cigarette company Juul +++

The Marlboro manufacturer Altria goes into great style with the controversial E-cigarette company Juul. Altria pays 12.8 billion dollars (11.2 billion euros) for a share of 35 percent, the company said. It was the largest investment in Altrias group’s history. A total of Juul was valued in the Deal at $ 38 billion.

Altria is under pressure, since the main shrinking business, because less and less people are Smoking classic cigarettes. Juul is fast growing thanks to new E-cigarette, reminiscent of USB Sticks and the flavored, nicotine-containing vapor can be inhaled. This booming new niche wants to develop Altria about Juul.

+++ 14.28 PM: Around 190 tons of new year trash alone in the five largest German cities +++

In the five largest German cities, the city of cleanings to remove after the new year’s eve night, every year, about 190 tons of fireworks remnants and other similar waste. The Association of municipal companies (VKU) said in Berlin. The value refers to the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt am Main.

More than 1100 employees, municipal waste DisposalRen took care of the details, the new year is to get rid of burnt-out firecrackers and fireworks, batteries of public streets and squares. In principle, the polluter would have to remove the waste, however, provided that the municipal street cleaning Statute RUB this semi, added the Association.

+++ 13.54 at Forced technology transfer: EU to extend action against China +++

The EU will increase in the world trade organization (WTO), ongoing legal proceedings against China’s forced technology transfer. “We can’t tolerate that companies from the EU have to give up valuable technology out of Hand, if you want to invest in China,” said EU trade kommissarion Cecilia Malmström. This was clearly against the rules, accepted by China in its accession to the WTO.

Specifically, the expansion of a lawsuit to Chinese laws, the investments in the areas of electric cars and biotechnology rules. In addition, approval will be challenged in proceedings for cross-sector joint ventures. These provide, among other things, that European companies with Chinese partners when you grant them access to their technologies.

+++ 13.42 PM: Maas announced U.S. withdrawal from Syria is a danger for Anti-IS fight +++

Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas has shown itself to be surprised by the announced withdrawal of the U.S. from Syria and the decision by US President Donald Trump in no uncertain terms criticized. “There is a risk that the consequences of this decision jeopardize the fight against the IS damage and the successes achieved,” said Maas in Berlin.

“The is is pushed back, but the threat is not over yet,” said Maas. As before, there are structures in the underground and the terrorists in the East of Syria, is active. The Sunni militia Islamic state (IS) had captured in Syria and Iraq, at times large areas and there is a reign of terror built, and she has but have now lost their dominion to a great extent.

+++ 12.46 PM: Nord Stream: the USA, German companies with sanctions +++

threaten In the dispute over the Nord Stream Baltic sea pipeline 2, the United States is threatening German companies with sanctions. “Companies involved in Nord Stream projects, run the risk to be sanctioned,” said the U.S. Ambassador in Germany, Richard Grenell, in Berlin.

He stressed that the capture of Ukrainian soldiers by the Russian coast guard, at the entrance to the Azov sea was a “real break”. “I think this should remind the German government that the growing Russian Aggression, has a dynamic that should not be with the purchase of additional gas will be rewarded.”

Nord Stream 2 is intended to transport Gas directly from Russia via the Baltic sea to Germany and is supported by private companies, but supported politically. Several German companies are involved in the Pipeline; the construction has already begun. The United States and Ukraine, but also some Eastern EU countries such as Poland want it to stop.

+++ 12.33 PM: Black-Green Hesse police increases to 1000 new jobs +++

the CDU and greens in Hesse want to create in the next five years, 1000 new jobs for the police. The Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) said at the presentation of the coalition agreement in Wiesbaden, Germany. The two parties had agreed in the night to Wednesday on the paper. Also, an Expansion of video surveillance to “specific Risk areas” is planned, as is clear from the coalition agreement. Party congresses of the CDU and the Greens must agree to the agreement, the new government could then come in January to the office. Black-and-Green ruled since the beginning of 2014 in the state of Hesse.

+++ 12.32 PM: Mars-robot “InSight”: the First measuring instrument set on the ground +++

The Mars probe, “InSight”, the first measuring instrument on the surface of the Red planet is placed. A robotic arm had dropped the device on Wednesday, about 1.6 meters from the probe, said the US space Agency Nasa on their Website. “This is a fantastic Christmas gift,” was project Manager Tom Hoffmann cites. The probe was on 26. November landed on Mars. In the case of the Instrument is a seismograph, the vibrations should be measured on the surface of Mars, said Nasa.

+++ 12.29 PM: Aldi Nord in Germany for the first time losses +++

The Discounter Aldi Nord is writing this year for the first time in its more than 50-year history in the important German business in the red. Sales in the Federal Republic of Germany had developed in 2018, worse than expected. At the same time, the dealer had to cope with high costs for the prior two and a half years, launched modernization of its branch network, said a spokesman for the company development. The profits of foreign subsidiaries will be according to his information, however, that Aldi Nord is slipping, as a Whole, even in 2018 in the red. Previously, the “Lebensmittel Zeitung” and the “Manager Magazin had reported” about it.

+++ 12.15 PM: parts of the Heider center due to bomb threat +++

blocked Because of a bomb threat are passage to Heide in Schleswig-Holstein, shopping and a Christmas market has been cleared. The threat was received this morning by E-Mail, a police spokesman said. Hounds should search the building. About 30 officers closed off the area spacious and clean also the adjacent Christmas market. The police took the investigation to the sender of the Mail.

Already in the last days of bomb threats at the four district courts in the state of Schleswig-Holstein had kept the forces on their toes. In Flensburg, Lübeck or Itzehoe to the fact the building had been cleared, no later suspicious items were found. In Kiel, it kept the police, the land court with sniffer dogs to search. The police checks, whether there is a connection between the acts.

+++ 11.45 PM: Putin: relations with Ukraine will not relax quickly +++

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that relations with the neighboring country of Ukraine will normalize in the foreseeable future. “As long as in the Kiev days Russophobe seats, which put the interests of their own people, will change the Situation, no matter who sits in the Kremlin,” he said to journalists in Moscow. Putin made again in the Ukraine responsible for the conflict. Kiev sees the fault, however, in the case of Moscow.

Putin said his country was interested in peace and prosperity in the Ukraine, the neighboring country is one of the largest economic partners. The volume of trade between the two countries had increased recently.

+++ 11.37 PM: After a sexual Assault in Freiburg: investigators arrest tenth Suspect +++

After the gang-rape of a student in Freiburg, the police arrested a tenth suspect. The investigators were able to track down the 18-year-old Algerian, in a district of Freiburg. The Suspect was already detained on Wednesday, but was able to escape before he should be brought before a judge, the police, Freiburg, Germany.

The young woman had been raped, according to previous police reports in mid-October, after you had left with the alleged main offender in Freiburg disco. First of all, the main suspect is said to have raped the student in a grove of trees. Then, one after the other men from the disco will go to the grove and to the defenceless woman have passed.

+++ 10.41 PM: Putin sees positive economic development in Russia +++

Russian President Vladimir Putin sees a positive development of the economy of his country. The real income of the population started to increase in 2018, for the first time again, of 0.5 percent, Putin said in Moscow at the beginning of his annual press conference. The gross domestic product (GDP) grew in the first ten months of 1.7 per cent. For the full year, a growth of 1.8 percent is expected. The annual inflation rate is expected to be 4.1 per cent, slightly higher than expected, said the Kremlin chief.

+++ 10.24 PM: France’s military presence in Syria initially maintained +++

unlike the USA, France wants its military presence in Syria for the time being, be maintained. “The fight against terrorism is not finished,” said Minister for European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau to the creation in Paris. She pointed to the stop in Strasbourg, with five dead from the 11. December. Therefore, France will stay for the time being, the military in Syria are engaged.

The French defense Minister Florence Parly wrote on the short message service Twitter, the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) was not deleted “from the map”. You should but “be finally defeated militarily”.

US President, Donald Trump declared on Wednesday, the IS is defeated in Syria “”. The government replied that the withdrawal of the 2000 U.S. armed forces had already been initiated.

+++ 10.13 PM: the armed forces in Myanmar to start a new “cleansing” in Rakhine state +++

After the attacks on Buddhist men in Myanmar, the military in the state of Rakhine is, once again, intervened. As the office of army chief Min Aung Hlaing reported on the official Website, security forces on “cleansing operations” in the area of Pyu Ma Creek. For one of the attacks members of the Muslim Rohingya minority were allegedly responsible.

Two Buddhist fishermen from Rakhine state, were on 17. December, not from the fish returned and later slit necks at the river Bank has been found, it said on the Website. On the same day, two members had been attacked another Buddhist minority while fishing. You should, however, be able to escape and were treated in a hospital. The six attackers had spoken “Bengali”, your identity, however, is unknown.

+++ 9.08 PM: No process against former SS guard in the death camp at Lublin-Majdanek +++

A former guard of the Nazi extermination camp at Lublin-Majdanek does not have to stand trial. The 97-Year-old negotiations was not due to his health permanently capable, informed the district court of Frankfurt am Main. The indictment against the man was therefore not allowed.

He is said to have been from August 1943 to January 1944, a member of the SS death’s-head sturmbanns in the camp Lublin-Majdanek. Specifically, he is accused of, therefore, as a guard post on mass shootings to be within the framework of the so-called operation harvest festival. 3 were on. November 1943, killed within a few hours at least 17,000 Jewish prisoners in the Lublin-Majdanek.

+++ 9 am: Pinterest seeks, apparently, to the stock exchange +++

The Pinterest social network is aiming for a report to the stock exchange. As the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, without giving sources, it could be the debut in April of next year. Accordingly, the eight-year-old Californian Startup hopes to have a market value of twelve billion dollars (10.5 billion Euro) or more.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard to Share pictures in various categories. It can also be used as search engine for products. Many brands use the network to make customers aware of your products. According to Figures from September, the network has more than 200 million monthly users. The majority of them is located outside of the United States.

+++ 8.43 PM: Increased security measures at the airport in Stuttgart +++

exacerbating The Federal police, the security arrangements at the airport Stuttgart. Background of the suspicion that people have tried the procedures at the airport, to spy out, as a spokesman for the Federal police said on Wednesday evening. On Thursday morning, it was, furthermore, police officers with machine guns and protective vests in the Terminals are stationed and on Patrol.

not to be rated try The information about the alleged Spying in conclusion, the speaker said in the Morning. Therefore, the security arrangements would have to remain for the time being aggravated. The flight operations will not be affected by the measures.

+++ 8.15 PM: Barack Obama distributed in children’s hospital as Santa Claus gifts +++

Ex-US President Barack Obama (57), visited a children’s hospital in Washington, D.C., and with a Santa hat on the head of gifts to the little patients distributed. The “Children’s National Medical Center” published on Wednesday a photo on Instagram and wrote: “Who says the Grinch stole Christmas? Our patients and their families were in for a big Surprise, as Barack Obama, Laden with a huge bag full of gifts, our hallways filled with warmth.”

+++ 7.55 PM: a German Tourist in a road accident in Thailand killed +++

A German traveller lost in a traffic accident in the West of Thailand, his life. The 61-Year-old had been in the province of Kanchanaburi, about 120 kilometers from Bangkok on a rented motorcycle on the road and, for unknown reasons, collided head-on with a pickup truck and crashed, police said. The accident happened already on Wednesday.

+++ 7 PM: Gerst from the space capsule is not brought – “Mission, Gerst will exit to end” +++

After landing on earth, the German spaceman Alexander has the space capsule. Live images of the American space Agency showed on Thursday morning, as the 42-Year-old from the Soyuz capsule to a The seat was worn. He laughed, and the hat sat up. “I am pleased to home to fly and see my family,” he said. “But the Mission is not over yet, we still need to evaluate the results.” Because of the weightlessness on the International space station ISS, the astronauts have to rely first of all on the help.

+++ 6.15 PM: Astronaut Alexander Gerst on earth +++

landed back After more than six months on the International space station, German Astronaut Alexander Gerst on earth. A Soyuz capsule with Gerst and two other astronauts landed on Thursday in the Kazakh desert, such as the control center announced. The capsule had undocked three and a half hours earlier from the ISS.

man and machine

What Alexander thinks Gerst on perhaps the most important question of our future

In the log book “Horizons” is the story of Alexander Gerst of his personal thoughts on the current Mission. This time, the German Astronaut, writes about the symbiosis between man and machine. It is the last Text, the Astro is sent to-Alex directly from space before, on 20. December returns to the earth.

+++ 5 am: Four trucks crashing cars on the A1 into each other – to die +++

In case of a severe traffic accident with multiple parties to load a Truck is a truck on the freeway 1 in the case of Bremen-driver killed. For yet unknown reasons, the four last were in the car together crashed into, police said. The force of the impact was so great that the vehicles were wedged together. The leader of the house, in which the 37-Year-old Truck driver came from the Czech Republic to death, was completely destroyed. Two other people were slightly injured. The motorway was closed in the direction of Osnabrück to Bremen-Arsten temporarily. From early Morning the traffic was directed via a lane to the scene of the accident is over.

+++ 4.25 PM: London-Gatwick is an hour long because of drones lame + +

+ In Europe, siebtgrößtem London Gatwick airport, it came in the night of Wednesday to massive disabilities in air transport. According to a message on the Twitter page of the Airport, all takeoffs and landings were temporarily suspended because of Reports that several drones on the field spotted. Joint investigations with the police were ongoing. “We apologise to passengers for the inconvenience, but the safety of our passengers and employees is a top priority”, – stated in the message. After the first References to drones sightings over the field against 21 o’clock (local time) were then suspended all flight movements in order to clarify the situation. Later received many more clues. Therefore, some aircraft were sitting on the ground, while the incoming machines would be diverted to other airports. According to the BBC, these airports are part hundreds of miles from the English capital. To be reported to the drone sightings of the station, the unmanned aircraft would have approached a runway. Since 3 PM local time, the flight operations were resumed.

+++ 2 p.m.: Nicaragua refers to the Commission on human rights in the country +++

The government of Nicaragua has referred to working groups of the inter-American Commission on human rights (IACHR) of the country. The government of the authoritarian President Daniel Ortega suspended the use of two working groups for the stabilization of the Central American country temporarily, informed the IACHR on Wednesday on Twitter. The General Secretariat of the organization of American States (OAS) criticized the step that will lead Nicaragua further into the authoritarianism. The Situation in Nicaragua will continue to be monitored, so that the country could find its way back on a democratic path, with the Paris-based organization in Washington.

+++ 0.30 PM: Liebesaus in the case of Helene Fischer and Florian silver iron +++

pop singer Helene Fischer and Entertainer Florian Silbereisen have separated after ten years together. The Couple confirmed on Wednesday evening, media reports. “A separation is always sad, we were also very sad,” wrote silver iron on his Facebook page. “But now we are ‘happily separated’. We have grown as friends become even closer together.”

Florian Silbereisen

“Our life was not to be second only to beautiful”: His first words to the separation

Helene Fischer and Florian silver iron. In a first Statement on his Facebook page, silver-iron on the love speaks -.

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