In the small town of Live Oak to the North of Florida, the fate of three children is moving the people. Apparently, the six, four and one year old game climbed comrades together in a freezer. As the three were finally discovered, came too late.

the office of The local Sheriff suspects a tragic accident. The Done state will be examined by a lawyer, it says on the Facebook page of the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office. A criminal Background is unlikely to be the case.

last Sunday was, as the disaster took several Reports of his run in the 7000 inhabitants counting municipality: A six-year-old Boy and his one-year old sister were outside playing with a friend’s four-year-old child. According to the investigations of the police, they were supervised by the mother of the Geschwisterpaars. Just briefly, the mother went into the house to go to the toilet. “She was gone ten or 15 minutes,” said Suwannee County Sheriff Sam St John in a Statement to the press on Tuesday. But this time, apparently, was already too long. When the woman came back, could not discover the children.


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Panicky search – where are the children?

Immediately, you have awakened the grandmother, who is also in the house the family lives, and prior to your night shift sleep had laid, the report of the Sheriff. Both women had started the Site and an adjacent property with a vacant house search.

Finally, you looked it up in a freezer, according to the investigations Recently on your property. The chest was not in operation and not connected, writes the BBC.

Apparently, it had managed to do the children Play, somehow, to climb in the chest, the result of the first investigations to the case. Thereby, the lid and a locking hook does not have to be fall so unhappy, that the children managed to open the chest from its own power from the inside. She probably suffocated.

Sheriff of the district in Florida deep

shaken not lasted As long as the search for the children, it is clear from the Reports. As a mother and grandmother found the children, finally, they chose according to the Reports, the emergency call and tried to the children to revive. Rescuers brought the three to the hospital, but all resuscitation attempts failed.

Sheriff Sam St John was deeply moved and shaken. “Words can’t describe how me what has happened breaks the heart,“ he said. It is heart wrenching when children come to death. The Florida Department of Children and Families, a state social service Agency has also launched an investigation into the case.

sources: BBC, Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office