A terrible crime shocked the state of Madhya Pradesh in Central India. Such as the “Hindustan Times” reported on Tuesday, found police officers a few days ago in a field near the village Berkhedi the desecrated body of a twelve year old girl who since the 13th century. March was missing. In addition, the severed skull of the Minors is to be located. The sixth-grader was a member of, therefore, the Dalit, the descendants of the Indian natives,. The Dalits are referred to in the Indian subcontinent as “Untouchables” and are excluded according to the religious rules of Hinduism from the strict caste system. First investigations showed that the girl was strangled. The terrible suspicion: the Same four family members have to the student, and then later also killed passed.

aunt confused the police with a false trail

the “Tampon Tax” and earnings gaps

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Initially, the police suspected according to “The Express Tribune” the neighbors of the family. The aunt of the girl, which was, according to the chief of police Amit Sanghi with offenders under a blanket, had led investigators on a false trail. She accused in a survey of a neighbor to have her niece murdered. After an interrogation, the police lock him but as a perpetrator. Instead, they got a tip that the oldest brothers of the girl, a 20-Year-old, something to do with their Disappearance. Now all three brothers seems to be clear, one of them underage – have tormented her little sister to death.

19-admits Years of strangled: sister and beheaded

A 19-Year-old confessed under the determine pressure to the gruesome crime and said that his older brother needs his sister earlier, too, miss. On the day of the murder, the police confirmed, in the meantime, passed one after the other, first the three brothers, and later, the uncle at the defenseless student. As the aunt threatened to inform the police, strangled the girl, cut off her head and dumped the body parts in a nearby field. Four of the five alleged offender has taken the police in the meantime. A 20-Year-old is still on the run.

Staggering Numbers in India

India is already the case since a few years, as the world’s most dangerous country for women. Again and again media reports of rapes, mass. In part sexual abuse in the seventh largest country in the world, is even used as a political weapon. One of the British Thomson-Reuters-Foundation investigation carried out according to 2016 have been reported in India, a total of 40,000 rapes. Between 2007 and 2016, the number of crimes had increased, compared to women, more than 80 percent.

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