With the announcement of other new weapons systems has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin, the United States, the sharpness of a new arms race. His country had for each threat, the appropriate response of Europe, Putin said in Moscow, in his speech to the Nation. The US should kidneys such as in Poland and Romania are medium-range missile station, then Russia could target its missiles as a response not only to the vertices. To target the country to take the command centers, Putin said. The United States and other Nato countries, he is not referred to by name.

Kritk from the headquarters of Nato in Brussels, Putin’s appearance was not long in waiting. “Explanations, which threatened to take allies to be targeted, are unacceptable,” said Deputy Alliance spokesman Piers Cazalet. Nato is a defensive Alliance, but to defend ready at any time, each member against any danger.

The United States should be under no illusions that they could gain with their anti-missile military Superiority. “The response of our country will always be effective and effective,” Putin stressed. It was his first speech to the Nation, since first Washington and then Moscow, the INF disarmament Treaty, which has terminated.

Putin: “Russia threatens no one”

Russia has rejected accusations that the Treaty banned land-based and to have a nuclear-mountable missiles of medium and shorter-range (500 to 5500 kilometers). But the weapons portfolio, the count Putin in the conference centre Gostiny Dvor near the Kremlin, impresses the guests sit up and take notice: in addition to the new nuclear submarine and the unmanned weapon system “Poseidon”, he mentions the name of ultra-modern weapons such as “avant-garde”, “Kinschal”, “Peresvet” and “zirconium”.

battle tank

dwarven Armada instead of a full-scale attack: Russia’s army gets all the twelve T-14 Armata tank

Gernot Kramper

What to warn Nato and the United States, is at the same time, and especially as a reassurance for concerned Russians thought: “All our actions in the security area wearing only response, that is, a defending character”, stressed Putin. “Russia is not threatening anybody.”

The President left the province of princes of the Levites

His now 15. Speech to the Nation, the 66-Year-old stops in front of hundreds of guests from politics, economy and society – cultural workers and religious leaders – according to the proven pattern. It is a Mix of promises of social benefits to many of the poverty stricken country people, and from the foreign policy side of blows against the EU and the USA.

Seething rumors

Want to integrate Putin knows Russia?

By Ellen Ivits

Putin promises more money for families. He calls to pay Doctors and teachers in the country better. Many Russians, it is disturbing that the wages are too low to be able to afford more. Shortage of skilled workers in Russia – as in the German policy – a topic. Putin for about 20 years in different functions in Power, reads the present members of the government, the province of princes, jurists, once again, the Levites. You like to do more for the development of the country.

term of the Kremlin chiefs ends in 2024

Clearly, however, even for this speech, that he trusts only himself to solve the problems of the country. “The state should help the people,” he said. He said that there were citizens who could not afford clothes, medicines, and even no food. His last, due to the increase in the retirement age, lower consent values confronts Putin, by promises about a better medical care. Estimated additional expenditure of approximately two billion euros are for this and other social welfare actions needed, such as government, politicians figured.

balance sheet-PK

Putin transmitter warns of wax danger of nuclear war and knows the culprit


The money was there, it said. That Putin 2024 undresses in fact, from the Kremlin, because then, according to the Constitution, last term in office ends, you will not see the majority of the Elite in the past. Many connect Putin with the hope that he leads the country into a bright future.

An Alternative to Putin in sight

Barely made the last more clearly than Vladislav Surkov, one of the leading ideologues in the Kremlin. In a politically-interested circles hotly debated article, he called Putinism as a project of the century. This is suitable even as an export hit to other countries. Even now, many of the ruling politicians and opposition figures based abroad to Putin. With him a state of a new type has emerged, “as there never was,” said Surkov, a few days ago in the “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”.

Now, the Kremlin chief has reminded even the fact that his life is finite. However, an Alternative to Putin in sight – certainly not in the fragmented Opposition. “The great political machine of Putin captures just beginning to travel, she is set on a long, heavy and interesting work,” said Surkov. Their full power will be reached.

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