thousands of people are gone on good Friday around the world for more climate protection on the road. Alone in Rome, several Thousand mostly young people – gathered with the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

“We will continue our fight for our future,” promised the 16-year-old student under the cheers of the crowd on the Central square of Piazza del Popolo.

Thunberg demonstrated since last summer, every Friday – so mostly during school time – for more ambition in climate protection. Your school strike has in the world inspires people to demonstrations under the Motto “Fridays for Future”.

Also in Germany, hundreds of people gathered in many cities, including Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. “The climate crisis”, is not, we also wrote the activist Luisa Neubauer on Twitter. The students were, in part, been criticized for the fact that you demonstrate during the school time, and not at your leisure.

Thunberg recruited in Rome for a radical change in climate policy. Weeks or months was not sufficient; it need years to change something. How determined she is, she made in an Interview is clear: “In many situations, I remain silent and say nothing, but if it is something that moves me, then I’m a rebel,” she said to the newspaper “Corriere della Sera”.

“Greta, we save the planet,” chanted Thun Berg’s comrade-in-arms in Rome. The nine-year-old activist, Alice said: “We must understand that we must act now.” A spokeswoman for the “Fridays for Future”movement in Italy, spoke of some 25 000 participants.

power for the stage was supplied by generators mounted bicycles. Thunberg fired the bike in the blazing sun: “Power on!”

“Fridays for Future”-movement also in Italy a lot of followers. The core demands: a fast for the climate-damaging combustion of coal, Oil and Gas, no more subsidies for these “dirty” energy sources, more investment in renewable energy from the wind and the sun.

in fact, time is of the essence: even now, the earth has warmed to the Findings of the IPCC, compared to the pre-industrial era by about a degree Celsius. The years 2015 to 2018 were according to analyses by the world meteorological organization, the four warmest since records began in the 19th century. Century. It goes on as before, is the end of this century, the world is probably a good three degrees warmer. Among the fatal consequences of more heat waves, longer droughts, and more storms, depending on the Region, heavy rain and high water. To stop the Trend, reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases from the burning of coal and Oil or from animal husbandry.

Also in the UK, there were protest actions for more climate protection. The police arrested in London in five days, almost 600 environmental activists. They were a call to the movement, Extinction, Rebellion (Rebellion against the extinction) followed, including sit-ins to demonstrate on roads and bridges, peacefully, for more climate protection. In the action, the British actress Emma Thompson participated. A threat of activists to disrupt on Friday the operation of the London Heathrow airport, right in the middle of the Easter holidays, remained without consequences.

hundreds of climate activists marched in the West of Paris and high-rise business district of La Défense. As the French news Agency AFP reported, gathered dozens in front of the entrance of the oil Company Total. Security forces removed approximately 100 people from the building of the state-owned energy group EDF. When used in La Défense, the police used AFP to tear gas.