For several days, citizens demonstrate in Algeria against the re-candidacy of its President, Abdelaziz Bouteflika. In the capital, Algiers, there were clashes with the police, using tear gas was used, reported the broadcaster Al Arabiya. Also in the cities of Constantine and Jijel, it came to protests, which were directed mainly at students to attend.

In the capital Algiers have tightened security forces their checks because of the ongoing protests. The protests of the last few days have been the most serious since the Arab spring of 2011 that resulted in Tuniesien and Egypt for change of government. In the capital, Algiers demonstrations are banned since the year 2001. Also in France, it came under the resident Algerians to protest.

Bouteflika offers to compromise

the Background of the protests, the announcement of Bouteflika in the presidential election on 18. April once again. It would be his fifth term of office. However, he announced that he will be elected if he is re – within a year, new elections will declare, the way for a successor and reforms. Protesters referred to the announcement that he made over a speaker to announce, as a “Farce”. The Opposition announced a boycott of the election.


Algeria’s President Abdelaziz Bouteflika since 1999. (File photo)

©Mohamed Messara DPA

The 82-year-old Bouteflika, since April 1999, as President in office, most recently, he was elected again in 2014. Since a stroke in 2013, the long-time President, hardly any to the public occurred. He sits in a wheelchair and has great difficulty in Speaking. For many Algerians, Bouteflika has become the Symbol of a crusty system that wants to cling to Power.

In Algeria, around ten percent of people unemployed, particularly high youth unemployment (as of 2017). The country is strong from the Oil and gas export dependent. The slump in the price of oil in recent years has made the country’s economy hard, in spite of a slight recovery.

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