thousands of residents in South-East Berlin, hope to get in the course of Wednesday. Since 14 o’clock on Tuesday, the district of Köpenick is cut off from the electricity supply, more than 30,000 households and 2000 businesses are affected. Cause of the blackout, the Senate administrative construction of a bridge, according to. A spokesman said the evening, a hole have destroyed a major power line. Due to the severe power outage, remain closed on Wednesday, schools and day-care centres in the affected districts, as the district office announced on late Tuesday evening.

“This is a highly demanding activity that requires time. Therefore, this power failure is also significantly longer than it is in the case of other power failures in the case,” said a spokesman for the energy company Vattenfall. The prognosis: Against 15 the electricity will flow on Wednesday.

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in Order to be in case of emergency, better it is for the concerned people to reach, handle, the Berlin police in the night to unusual measures To a significantly more police officers are to be for the population of responsive. “In the area, many of the strips are cars on the road,” said a spokeswoman. In addition, the police sent late in the evening four vehicles to Köpenick, which should serve as a “stationary guards”. Via Twitter, the responders expressed their gratitude for the prudence of the citizens, and added: “So you can sleep well, we are ending now our speakers have to say.”

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appear In several Thousand house, it was not only dark but also cold: Because of the blackout, the two block heat and power plants in Köpenick and Friedrichshagen from the web: “The re-supply of around 5000 households affected with heat, can only take place after the re-supply of electricity”, tweeted Vattenfall. “This is, in fact, extraordinary,” commented the Deputy Berlin-based country-brand Director, the Situation in the “evening look” of the rbb.

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were the mobile Part of the mobile and the fixed network fell out. In addition, the hospital Köpenick is located in the affected area – as, for example, the citizens registration office – not reachable by phone. The fire brigade and Technical emergency services established an additional emergency power supply, in order to prevent something worse in the hospital. Some patients are particularly sensitive stations have been relocated to other clinics.

The power outage also had an impact on the transport network. The Berlin traffic information center said on Twitter that numerous traffic lights are out of operation. Several tram lines were interrupted.