The higher administrative court (OVG) in Münster prior to the pronouncement of the judgment in two controversial appeals process. In the first case, a Somali complains against the Federal government.

His father had been killed in 2012 in his home in a US drone attack. This was only under the participation of the US military base in the Palatinate Ramstein possible – from German soil. The judgment wants to announce to the court today at 10.00 am.

In the second case, to achieve three Yemeni plaintiff that Germany recognises a responsibility to the ongoing US drone attacks. Representative of the Ministry of defence with the first official seat in Bonn is complained of here. The Federal Republic of Germany to the United States, the use of Ramsteins for this purpose. This judgment is planned from 10.30 am. The plaintiffs are from Yemen had lost, according to their own information in 2012, in the case of drones, two members of attacks.

The presiding judge, Wolf Sarnighausen, had spoken in the last week of complex questions of international law and of constitutional law, to be considered. There is no Supreme court decision in a similar case. With regard to the role of Ramsteins should be clarified: “What is taking place there today?” In the case of the Yemen-action is also the difficult question plays a role in how the conflict situation is to rate currently.

The Yemen-lawsuit – supported by the European human rights ECCHR – argues that the US air strikes in the essential data during transmission via a satellite Relay Station in Ramstein. The German government knew since the planning of the 2010 decision.

The Ministry of defence stressed that the Relay Station will be used without the participation or involvement of Germany. The current role Ramsteins the judge said that the Station was actually for the transmission of data for drone operations in the USA in use, could not be more in doubt. At the same time, he criticised the information policy of the Federal government, and a lack of transparency. The actions were dismissed in 2015 and 2016 from the Cologne administrative court.

The air strikes by the US in Somalia against the Islamist terrorist militia Al-Shabaab, and Yemen against a regional offshoot of the terrorist network Al-Qaeda. Ramstein is the largest base of the US Air Force outside the United States. Numerous organizations, reports on continuing U.S. drone attacks in both countries and many civilian Victims, including children.