This would affect the request for medical insurance to Green Card applicants

medical insurance to Green Card applicants
medical insurance to Green Card applicants

President Donald Trump issued a proclamation to deny immigrant visas to applicants who cannot verify that they have medical insurance, within 30 days of entering the United States.

The proclamation notes that if the immigrant does not have medical insurance, he must prove that he has sufficient financial resources to pay for medical expenses.

The rule does not affect tourist visa applicants, but those who seek to process permanent residence in the United States through a Green Card, also known as the Green Card.

These are all visas that will continue to be granted without presenting medical insurance or proof that health expenses can be covered

The specialized portal Migration Policy Institute reported, through its Twitter account, that the new proclamation of Donald Trump could affect two out of three immigrants applying for a Green Card. Taking them away from the possibility of living in a documented way in the country.


To obtain an immigrant visa, the applicant must have health insurance sponsored by an employer, by a retiree plan or a private health plan that is not subsidized by the State.


The new request for medical insurance will be effective on November 3 and will not affect those who have a valid immigrant visa before this date.

Nor will it affect those who want to enter with a special SI or SQ visa, or those who are children of United States citizens or enter with an IR-2, IR-3, IR-4, IH-3 or IH-4 visa.

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