The former Starbucks boss Howard Schultz has a clear opinion on Donald Trump: “This President is not qualified to be the President,” said the billionaire on Sunday on the US broadcaster CBS. And the Republicans and the Democrats, the 65-Year-old is not a good hair, although he belongs to the latter. “Both parties do not make consistently what is best for the American people is necessary, and are busy every single day with revenge politics.”

Because Schultz wants to prevent that Donald Trump will be elected in the presidential elections of 2020, again, he is thinking now seriously about to go against the 72-Year-old in the race, but not for the Democrats: “I believe that if I would compete as a Democrat, I’d have to be disingenuous, and things not to say, I think it is because the party has moved so far to the left,” says Schultz. Instead, he is considering, as an independent candidate to compete and could thus achieving the opposite of what he actually wants

As “Independent” is Howard Schultz’t stand a chance

Since George Washington to become an independent candidate is more of a US President and for more than 160 years, Republicans and Democrats on the presidency. Independent candidates have accepted the candidates of the major parties, but repeatedly important votes and thus the election result influenced. So the Democrats accuse the US consumer lawyer Ralph Nader’s complicity in the defeat of Al Gore in 2000 against George W. Bush. And according to the Republicans the victory of Bill Clinton against George H. W. Bush in 1992, goes to the account of the businessman Ross Perot.

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In 1912, former Republican President Theodore joined Roosevelt as an independent candidate, but for the Progressive party. He had founded but only because its the Republicans had not chosen him, but incumbent President William Howard Taft to your top candidate. Roosevelt managed to Taft in the election. The division of Republican votes between the two but made sure that at the end of the Democrat Woodrow Wilson with a huge lead in electoral votes into the White house moved in.

democratic politicians now fear that a candidacy of Howard Schultz could trigger a similar scenario: “I have the concern that if he was to compete that the reason Donald Trump took the best prospects for re-election would get,” said Julián Castro, former Minister of Housing and one of the candidates for the presidential nomination of the Democrats, the US broadcaster CNN. A current survey will show, the maximum support for Trump, no matter which democratic candidate as an Alternative be offered, the deck at 41 or 42 percent. Trumps only hope was to absorb it, therefore, is to bring a third party to vote, said Castro.

“won’t you Help to choose Donald Trump

” “Every one that is not Trump, parts easy the Anti-Trump,” writes the US magazine “New York Intelligencer”. The dominant theme in American politics in the year 2020 will be Donald Trump, and even a relatively conservative splinter candidate will more likely to cost the Trump-opponent votes.

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Trump holds a speech to the Nation on 5. February


Neera Tanden, Ex-Advisor of Trumps democratic adversary in 2016, Hillary Clinton, announced a Starbucks Boycott, should Schultz compete. She wanted to spend a “Penny”, the “could land in the pre-election Fund of a type, the Trump gives the victory,” tweeted she. Tina Podlodowski, party leader of the Democrats in the West coast state of Washington, where Starbucks has its headquarters, to be feared, according to CNN, Schultz could save trump’s re-election. “I have two words for Howard Schultz in terms of a possible independent candidacy for President: ‘Let it!'”

Much clearer, words had to listen to Schultz at the launch of his book “From The Ground Up” on Monday night in New York: “not to Help you to choose the Trump, you selfish billionaire asshole. […] To return with the Rest of the billionaire elite, who believes that she knows how to back rule the world, according to Davos!”, called to him a man, before he was pushed by security guards out of the room. “

Even Donald Trump himself has already responded to Schultz’ Considerations – with derision: “Howard Schultz doesn’t have the guts to run for the presidency”, was the US President on Monday on Twitter. “I agree with him that he is not a Person, the ‘smartest’. In addition, America has the already! I just hope that Starbucks pays me in the Trump Tower nor the rent.”

Schultz had said on Sunday in his CBS Interview, he had Long been aware that he was not the smartest Person in the room and that he has surrounded himself with people smarter than he, to be able to make big decisions about complex problems.

The Tweet from Donald Trump sounds like the provocation of a child, the other calls out: “You dare!”, just so it does something Stupid. And obviously, he was meant to “Trump of the Trump Hotel during the election campaign told the collection of donations tonight, that he wanted to try with his Tweet today, to pick up Howard Schultz in the race, because he thinks that will help him,” tweeted the “New York Times”correspondent Maggie Haberman on Monday evening.

Schultz self is neither the provocations of the US President, nor the fears of his democratic party colleagues to be put off. The 65-Year-old now wants to decide for three months on his book Tour of the United States pass through it, and then if he rises to 2020 really in the Ring. As Schultz’s answer to CBS the question of whether he is Worried that he might cost the candidate or the candidate of the Democrats, voices, the sound of the billionaire almost like Trump himself: “I want the American people to win. I want America to win.”

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Starbucks CEO resigns: he Wants to be in the policy?

After 36 years, conclusion: Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz resigns. For the future, he sees “a number of options”. According to rumors, one could make the 64-Year-old the presidential candidate of the Democrats in the next US election.