the house rats are in Europe as well as unpopular. But you know the Bramble Cay mosaic tail of a rat, one of the smaller of a total of 65 known species? The rodent lives on the Australian coral island, Bramble Cay in the Great Barrier Reef. Or better: He lived. Because he is considered to be the first Mammal that has fallen to the man-made climate change to the victims. The Australian Ministry for the environment, Melomys rubicola, said on Tuesday officially extinct. It was discovered in 1845.

climate change


climate change is probably to blame for the extinction

the reason is the global climate to change. The level of the sea at Bramble Cay island had risen continuously in recent years and, since 1993, by about ten centimeters. In addition, more severe storms continue to flood the island again and again. The Bramble Cay lost mosaic tail of a rat, approximately 97 percent of its habitat. Now, they are officially regarded as extinct. On the island of only two plant species since the last devastation. No wonder, then, that the small gray rodent with the 16-inch cock could not survive in this inhospitable area longer.

Comprehensive Research had been completed in 2014. The Rodent showed up. The classification as “extinct” was therefore expected.

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