According to the massacres in El Paso and Dayton, with more than 30 of the dead travelled to Donald Trump in the two cities, and has spoken with Survivors, rescue workers and police officers. Together with his wife, Melania, he also visited the injured in a hospital in El Paso and Dayton. Media representatives were not allowed at these Meetings.

Donald Trump wanted to shoot a “date”

members of the press corps had been informed of the Trump Administration, that they would get no access to the President, while he, the victim and the families of the victims in hospital visits, according to the U.S. news site “The Hill”. The grounds of the White house was, according to the “Los Angeles Times”correspondent Eli Stokols that the President wanted it to go in the event “the victim” and that she should not be a “date for a photo shoot”.

in fact, the government has made but this is exactly the Trump-visit: a few hours after the trip of the President, the White house released a self-produced Video and photos of the events. To see it as A either a serious conversation in-depth or wide-grinning Donald Trump with a seemingly benevolent hospital employees, security forces and Victims.

Particularly stands out here is a picture of the President and the First Lady with a case of the attacks of the injured girls in the Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton. The White house shot and published photo is an extreme and symbolizes exactly what wanted to avoid a Trump allegedly: a photo shoot with one of the victims as a backdrop. The recording was also in the social networks indignation. Several users objected to the way that Donald and Melania Trump posing with Victims.

Trump’s tweet of “love and enthusiasm”

his alleged desire that it should go on the Visit in El Paso and Dayton to the victims, led by Trump and his associates even to the point of absurdity: “The Fake News have been working Overtime to denigrate me and the two visits, but it didn’t work,” tweeted the 73-Year-old after his trip over themselves. “The love, the respect and the enthusiasm were there for all to see.”

“His way of talking, can be very divisive to be”

Donald Trump the Comfort to El Paso and Dayton – the reactions are mixed from


to care Even less Trumps Social Media Director Dan Scavino rails of the victims. After the visit to the Miami Valley Hospital he made via Twitter clear what had been apparently the sole: “The President was treated in hospital like a rock star, which was all captured on Video,” wrote media expert. “They all loved it, to see your great President!”

Scavino can say this relatively safely, regardless of whether it is true or not. Independent journalists were not allowed at the Meeting, Yes.

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