Saturday afternoon, Texas El Paso: A 21-Year-old with a shot gun in a shopping Mall and opened fire. 20 people are killed, 26 more are injured. The alleged perpetrator is arrested.

Dayton in the U.S. state of Ohio, only a few hours later: another Archer shoots in the vicinity of a Bar on the street to passers-by. He kills nine people and injured at least 16 before he gets shot by the police.

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In the U.S., there are more than one mass shooting per day

messages about mass shootings in the USA shake every Time – but you do not surprise a long time ago. The news about the new blood acts committed by means of force of arms, became in America a long sad life. A perception that is reinforced by data from the project “mass shooting tracker” that all the shootings together and in a database, which is always kept up to date.

293 items are in the list already alone for 2019 . In view of the fact that the current year to date 216 days, the average of 1.4 shootings per day . Each entry is mapped with a point on the interactive map in this article. The yellow entries to document incidents in which people were “only” injured, but not dead. Mass deaths are marked by shootings in red. 345 people attended, according to the records of “mass shooting tracker” 2019 yet by mass shootings are killed, 1134 were injured at this stage in the process.


Dead (red) and injured (grey) in the case of mass shootings in the USA in the year 2019

© What is the project “mass shooting tracker”?

Behind the Portal and the database, a Crowd is-Sourcing project. Similar to Wikipedia, anyone can contribute data to mass shootings, to gather. The entries are stored in a freely accessible database, each incident is assigned one or more sources.

the term “mass shooting” will be created in the project, depending on the Institution in the United States different definitions. In the database of the “mass shooting tracker” will be hurt covered all the shootings in which at least four people shot or killed. According to its own information, the aim of the project is the full documentation of the crimes of violence with firearms in the United States. Upon the death of a gunman in a shootout by a shot – whether by suicide, or about the police, he will be counted among the Victims added.

The operator of the portal disclose that most of them are in favour of stricter gun laws. “Nevertheless, we believe that it is the case, for the goal is to present the facts as objectively as possible”, with share.

sources: “” (data Used)

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