It is the time of the Entertainer in Ukrainian politics; the newcomers and new faces. After an actor became President, is now expected to be a pop star to Parliament.

“I give you my voice tonight and you can give me on 21. July your voice”, called Svyatoslav Vakarchuk his Fans in the city Park of Poltava. Apparently, enough Ukrainians accepted the offer, the rock singer occurs about a week ago on his “Tour for change,” a mixture of the election campaign and the open-air concert – had been submitted.

In the early parliamentary elections, his party has translated “voice”, “voice”, probably the Five-percent hurdle taken. The President’s party, Volodymyr Selenskyj, comedian and actor, claimed, according to initial evaluations, not the absolute majority.

“A one-time replacement of the elites,” writes the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ) with it. In the Ukraine would be after the elections at least every second member of the “Verkhovna Rada” (Supreme Council) new. And the two greats of Ukrainian show business, are expected to share soon, at least on the political stage, have a not insignificant share of it.

“The voice” wants to have a say in the Ukraine. But why only now?

Selenskyj, 41, enthusiastic as the “servant of the people,” first of all, the television viewers, before he wanted to be with his eponymous party for all of the 45 million Ukrainians – in the series he played the President of the Republic.

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, 44, is in the Ukraine not Unknown. Since 1994, he has been occurred the front man of Okean Elzy, a rock band played with Deep Purple and 2018, when the independence day in front of around 100,000 fans in Kiev’s Olympic stadium.

Also part of the success of Vakarchuk in the parliamentary elections. Where it occurs, expect him thousands to tens of thousands. So he went on a world tour, played on his “Tour of change” over a dozen Free concerts in the Ukraine – before the performances, however, was provided a block of advertising for the party and the program.


On his “Tour of change”: the rock singer, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk between open-air concert and campaign event.


The calculus is likely to often enough to be worked. “I will not again have the opportunity to listen to Vakarchuk,” – quoted by the “taz” a visitor “for free and practically on the doorstep.”

Even with his Online performances Vakarchuk provided for the attention of the more unconventional type, such as “The time” watching: President Selenskyj last Interviews in the fitness centre, showed the pop star about Yoga or upper body after a Marathon.

While President Selenskyj the media backing enjoyed by the broadcaster 1+1 (why, read here), seems to have benefited Popstar Vakarchuk of his faithful listeners. Many Ukrainians is familiar with his voice for decades.

Now The voice wants to make “” politically: national liberal and Pro-European, in the fight against oligarchs and corruption, but also for a strengthening of the army and their Reputation.

critics recognize a Commonality between the President Selenskyj and Popstar Vakarchuk: you would have to convince their voters primarily by their personality – to present, without an elaborate program.

presidential election in Ukraine

Ihor Kolomoyskyi, the billionaire puppet master behind the Sensation Selenskyj

“It can’t be that only actors, singers, jugglers and dancers determine the policy,” said the political scientist Oleksandra Reschmedilowa of the University in Kiev, the Germany radio. “Since it also takes professionals who know what they want and laws can write.” For the writer Serhij Zhadan people had come “to Power, were not the least prepared, say, to the upcoming challenges”, cited the “FAZ”.

For years, are said to have studied physicists political ambitions. From 2004 to 2005, he was already sitting as an independent MEP in the Parliament. He almost got even in the race for the presidency. A year ago polls see him neck and neck with Selenskyj, such as “time” reported. But the rock singer was there to stay. Only in may of this year, he presented his new party “The voice.”

Not only Fans questions, therefore, is: Where was the front man with a rough and powerful voice, as it was canned? Why want to join “The voice” now?

“Vse bude dobre” replied one of his followers of the Austrian daily newspaper “die Presse”. Translated: “All is well”. Also the title of one of the most famous Songs of Slava, how Vakarchuk of his Fans is called – but apparently also an expression of some perplexity.

“Vse bude dobre”, everything will be well

Chosen, “The voice” to Vakarchuk, possibly, also to Protest how the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” writes about “against the previous elites, against corruption and nepotism”. As a result, he had a powerful ally: President Selenskyj, has declared the fight against corruption as a Central goal of his tenure.

On election night, announced Selenskyj that he wanted to resume coalition negotiations with the national liberal party of Vakarchuk. Since it is not recorded, however, that the “servants of the people” could win the absolute majority of the seats in Parliament.

Still, the official result of the election is not fixed, the votes are still being counted. A coalition government between the actor and the pop star is, however, becoming increasingly unrealistic. Be to enter Parliament, but seems to be as good as safe. As long as his supporters are likely to hear one of Wakartschuks Hits: “Vse bude dobre”, everything will be fine.

sources: “taz” in Germany, “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, “time”, “press”, with Material of the DPA news Agency

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