Today, spring is the beginning of 2019. The cold, dark Season of the year, we have now finally behind us. What many do not know, the spring can be determined at the beginning, so the beginning of the Season of spring, in three different ways: astronomically, meteorologically or phänolog. The meteorological beginning of spring hemisphere of the earth already at the beginning of the month, more precisely on 1 was on the North. March. Defined by the world meteorological organization (WMO), which is a sub-organization of the UN. Only three months can be the time of year associated with it. December, January and February are the winter months, the spring blooms in March, April and may. Thus, the statistics and the climate comparisons can be more easily created.


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The phenological spring is divided in three phases: in the early spring, the snowdrops and hazel flowering in the spring, now is the forsythia, and pear trees are in bloom, and in the full of spring, when Apple trees and lilacs are in bloom. Depending on the geographical length, width and height of the spring phenological change in the beginning.

the beginning of spring, 2019: Wherefore, he is to point at 22.58 PM

but Today, astronomer is the beginning of spring 2019, which is determined among other things by the first day-night match of the year. The technical term for this Equinox. The sun crosses the celestial equator. If you are in the so-called vernal equinox, spring begins. Today is 22.58 at the case. The good news is that Today light of the sun and darkness with the twelve hours of the scale, from now on, the sun light is getting bigger and bigger, the days longer and longer. Sometimes this event falls on the 19. or 21. March, among other things, is the distance from the last leap year.

With the beginning of spring, the so-called Bauer rules go hand in hand, these are old folk sayings, mostly about the weather and the consequences for agriculture. The Proverbs have been passed down through generations and originated from observations of the farmers. They are, in a sense, say medium-range weather forecasts. For the beginning of spring, the following rules apply:

“How’s the weather at the beginning of spring, so it is all summer long”

“How’s the weather around the beginning of spring, so it keeps most of the summer,”

“Like the sun in the spring, so our summer ends.”

tips: start to spring in the beginning of 2019 safe in motorcycle season

With the first rays of the sun the two wheels is growing on the streets. In the Video you can see a couple of tips to start safely in the season:

recipe: Delicious for spring 2019

you do something almost time on meat? This vegetarian vegetable casserole is definitely something for you: