migrant krawanen from Central America have become in the past year in the US, a political issue – in the meantime, you are in the other direction. Every day between 100 and 300 Refugees from the USA across the border to Ciudad Juárez in Mexico. “This is developing into a time bomb,” says Dirvin García, who is in the government of the Mexican state of Chihuahua to the border town, for the supply of migrants.

It is means Americans and other people from Spanish-speaking countries without a residence permit in the U.S. entered. In the framework of the so-called protection of migrants protocols (MPP) of the United States, you will be sent back to Mexico, from where they had crossed the border, to await the outcome of their immigration procedure.

foreign Minister Pompeo praises Mexico

The program was launched in January. In an agreement of 7. June, with the Mexico, the US President, Donald Trump threatened punitive duties for the time being averted, it was decided an expansion of the MPP. It was also agreed that Mexico uses its newly-created national guard at its borders to curb illegal immigration.

The United States wanted to check after 45 days, so until this Monday, whether or not the fruit has. On Sunday Minister Mike Pompeo praised the outside on a visit to Mexico expressly to the efforts of the neighbouring country, against illegal immigration. Because the measures are taking effect. The US has immigrants on its southern border in June, nearly 28 per cent less to deport illegal as in the may set, as the number had dramatically risen to more than 144,000.

“as soon As the militarization of the Mexican border has begun policy in June, we noted a drastic decline in those who register with us in order to apply for in the United States of asylum,” says García. In may there were up to 400 migrants a day, in the meantime, there were an average of 40.

Around 20,000 migrants were already sent from the U.S. back to Mexico – almost half of them to Ciudad Juárez. In addition, according to García, more than 10,000 Mexicans have been deported so far this year from the USA – also a strong increase.

Ciudad Juarez has one of the world’s highest murder rates

The border river Rio Grande (in Mexico Río Bravo called) that separates Ciudad Juarez from the Texas town of El Paso. The migrants are here in Hostels, which are operated by churches. A state property with space for 5000 people is being built. “But in these ever-increasing Numbers,” García, “explains the front and rear are not enough.”

Southern border to Mexico

Trump foreclosure policy is pushing the US government is tightening asylum rules


Who has no place to Sleep, is suspended in Ciudad Juárez serious dangers – the 1.4-million-inhabitants city has one of the highest murder rates in the world. “What do you hear, is that people, which you can’t see that you are from here, are kidnapped on the street,” says the Hondurans Arturo Manzanares, who is waiting with his 16-year-old daughter in the hostel “Casa del Migrante” on an appointment with the US immigration authorities. “The kidnappers let the number of members in the United States and blackmail them. If the don’t pay them, they kill you.”

A young woman from Honduras told me that she was on the run from a Gang. A few weeks ago a member of the gang had crept in in the “Casa del Migrante”. Fortunately, he had been due to a Gang-Tattoos up and kicked out flew. “Otherwise, I would be strangled in any garbage bin landed.”


In the chapel of the Methodist Church of El Buen Pastor in Ciudad Juárez, the belongings of immigrants are. The Church also acts as a migrant hostel

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Meanwhile, the Immigrant, with their three small children for four months here. Out of fear for their lives and the lives of your children, you don’t want to call your name. In August, she has her third appointment in the United States. She had been told that there was no asylum for people who are in front of Gangs on the run. “I can’t imagine, however, that the President does not want to help children who murder,” she says.

Mexico offers returnees bus trips to

The “Casa del Migrante” is with 800 seats, the biggest hostel in the city. Most of the residents have been sent to Central America, the unauthorized in the United States and back. Have you seen on the way through Mexico, Bad and then had to spend in the United States for several days in the internment camps, the terrible conditions were recently made public.

father and daughter drowned

A photo is a symbol of the tragedy on the Mexican border

In the hostel they sleep close together on mats. Their stories are similar: they act by poverty and hopelessness; of Gangs, which require a monthly “war-tax”; and of police officers involved.

Many of the migrants have relatives in the United States to which you traveling. Reyna Madrid, wants her mother in Houston, haven’t seen you in 19 years and had to have eye surgery. “I’m your only child,” says the 26-Year-old. “I want to take care of her and me to you, because it should be so.” In order to get the opportunity, you must have a judge of a U.S. migration court of convince. “I know that God will touch him in the heart,” she says.

not everyone shares your hope. The uncertainty and the long waiting times weigh heavy. Meanwhile, the Mexican government funds offers American migrants who return voluntarily, the bus trips, in the home.

“If you must back up, then it gets even worse than before,” explains a woman from El Salvador. You’ve included for the trip to the USA with her daughter for a loan. A U.S. border officer told her that she should return to her country. “With what money, I asked you.”

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