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Hardly a Moscow gallery an oil Painting of a famous Russian landscape is in front of the eyes of the security staff painter from the 19th century. Century had been stolen. The guards would have seen in the case of video surveillance, such as unknown persons, the paintings of the artist Arkhip Kuindzhi from the wall of the Tretyakov gallery were taken and then escaped, said the spokesman for the Russian interior Ministry, Irina people, the news Agency Tass on Sunday.

The value of the image to approximately 175,000 euros

it is estimated The painting with the title “Ai Petri. Crimea” is dated 1890. It is the equivalent of estimated at around 175,000 euros. From police circles, it was said that two people were involved in the theft. It is not excluded that they had partners and it was a commissioned theft. People said the police had interviewed witnesses. The Suspects were searched.