Some of the extremely thick children and young people already have a heart muscle thickening or other symptoms that are otherwise found only at the age of 50 years. Just for this age group, there are gaps in the treatment, warns of the children of doctor Martin Wabitsch, the President of the annual meeting of the German obesity society in Wiesbaden. “Both the knee joint as well as hip form early signs of wear,” says the physician.

Also, fatty liver, or fatty degeneration of the pancreas “as for adult patients over the age of 50 or 60 years,” were to be found in young patients. “The early ill, and often under treated, because children and youth, doctors, for example, rarely, blood – pressure-lowering drug,” said Wabitsch. “There is often neglected over many years.”

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“in Addition, Overweight and obesity with a high suffering pressure,” added Wabitsch. Already in childhood, people would be stigmatized with being Overweight. In this case, the body weight was caused in early Childhood, first genetically and then I will be influenced by the offer of food.

According to a study by the Robert Koch-Institute for the health of children and young people in Germany, around 26 percent of the Five – are Overweight-to seventeen-year-old in Germany, about 9 percent are affected by obesity, and thus of extreme Obesity.

Who have already at a young age with a Body Mass Index of more than 30, medical to reach difficult, warned Wabitsch. “Only a small percentage actively seeks treatment.” When young people come to diet programs with frustrierendem output to the result, “this brings everything to nothing”, they no longer went often to the doctor.

fat parents, fat kids

“Especially those early in life to be obese, have a lot of worse cards,” says Wabitsch. “Our data show us that young people with extreme obesity can lose weight through conventional programs, and behavioral therapy.” Wrong there, the children and young people from the guilt of their condition due to: “it is Not the children’s fault, but the biology and the conditions of life.” Often obese children of obese parents, they knew little about healthy eating.

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Wabitsch three options: to Either accept the condition of the weight and to pay attention to preventive Diabetes treatment, control of blood pressure and similar measures are provided for the growing group of extremely obese children and adolescents. “This is not the optimal way, but a more realistic,” he said. A further possibility is a stationary long-term therapy over several months. It is a matter of life style change and a very rigorous training program. “Only a part of the young people will be able to hold the significantly reduced weight,” said Wabitsch. For the other hand, the bariatric surgery come as a third way out of the question.

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