Thida knew early on in your life that you can afford is not a child. However, there is a possibility to change this: there was a surrogacy. 10,000 US dollars you can earn in Cambodia, by carrying the child of foreigners, and brings to the world. This sum would be enough to start a family of my own, thought Thida. So you decided to take this radical step.

As the British BBC reported, provided an Agency contact to a Chinese Couple. She is one of the Thida, however, supposedly To the time when she was implanted with the fertilized Egg of their customers by the end of 2017, was prohibited commercial surrogacy in Cambodia for more than a year. “If I had known that this is illegal, I would have done it, never,” he stresses, Thida.

When the police finally into the house, stormed in with 32 other surrogate mothers was housed, she was already pregnant. The child brought you a few months later in a prison hospital.


Thailand surrogate mother prohibits transactions for foreigners


Three days after the birth came the Chinese parents of the child. From the hospital window, Thida was able to catch a glimpse of the woman. The man pushed the guard $ 100 in the Hand, to his son to see, she recalls today. “He held the Baby and cried as if his heart would be broken,” she told the BBC. “I was so sorry for him.”

In still greater Distress by surrogacy

The authorities, however, had less sympathy. Two months after the birth, was allowed to Thida. But under one condition: Either you are taking care of the child until its 18. Birthday large, or your 20 years in prison. In front of the same choice of the other surrogate mothers.

Thida, the decision was easy. “He is my first child. I love him so much,” she said of the boy. “It doesn’t bother me that he is related to us. I could not give it up.” She’s lucky: her family and her man stand behind her and accept the child. However, the financial situation remains precarious. Her husband earned as well as prior to the birth of the child, only 250 dollars a month. And the $ 10,000 didn’t get it-of course, the Chinese Pair.

government sees surrogacy as human trafficking

In the same Situation the other surrogate mothers could be found again. In the hope of improving their financial situation through the surrogacy Supplement, you’ll now be in an even bigger Trouble, since you have to raise a child. The Cambodian policy, however, remains hard. The Deputy Minister of the interior, Chou Bun said Closely, that Cambodia had to ban commercial surrogacy, because it is a Form of human trafficking. Where this practice occurs, “children are the victims,” she says of the BBC.

“Be Hers Be Mine”

“Our birth mother has given me the greatest gift that you can give me would”

By Susanne Baller

customers would put the kids prices and you as a commodity. “When children are disabled, the price drops. You give away and accept no responsibility for them. Sometimes the children are sold,” defendant.

The surrogate mothers do not know themselves often, who paid for the Baby. You would only know the Agency. And, in the view of the government, they are already the mothers of the children. “According to the Cambodian law, the woman who carries the Baby in her belly is the mother,” she said.

The biological parents would, ultimately, open to help the children financially. “For example, you could pay the school fees. We can’t prevent you from, to be charitable,” said Chou Bun Eng. And after your 18. Birthday, the children could go then Yes abroad to their biological parents. If you want to.

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