The mother of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, Herlind Kasner, has died at the age of 90 years. A government spokesman for the German press Agency confirmed on Wednesday in Berlin. He added: “We ask you to respect the privacy of the Chancellor and of your family.” Kasner, lived until recently in Templin in the North of Brandenburg, also for the Chancellor, who has close to a weekend house, is this an important private retreat.

First of all, the magazine “SuperIllu” and the “image”newspaper had reported on the case of death. Accordingly, Kasner should be at the beginning of April died. The funeral in the small circle of family and friends should be held in Templin, wrote the magazine.

Merkel had in their public appearances, most recently nothing to say. On Wednesday, the 64-Year-old turned himself in to initially the questions of the deputies in the Bundestag, then you traveled to the EU special summit to Brexit in Brussels.

Angela Merkel used to close relationship to mother

In Berlin, it is known that the Chancellor maintained a very close relationship to her mother. As Merkel in February, with the honorary citizen Templins would have been excellent, was Herlind Kasner on your side. Also as your daughter, Angela, on 14. March 2018 for the fourth Time, the Chancellor was elected, sat Herlind Kasner in the visitors ‘ gallery of the Bundestag.


Chancellor under cross-examination

Merkel to talk to Brexit-Dilemma – a solution that keeps you useful


To old age Kasner in training – the former English and Latin teacher, taught at the people’s University Templin English. At the age of 80 years, she was honored by the then people’s high-school-President Rita Süssmuth as a “model of continuing education and training 2008”. The Background: For 34 years she had taught at that time in foreign languages in Templin – Kasner was nationwide one of the few that mastered at this age is still such a large workload.

Kasner was in Templin as a cheerful and fun-loving, as a teacher out of passion. Who painted a portrait of her, discovered Similarities with her daughter, Angela: The blue eyes, the Smile, of course. Further you can form a life-long, when the health play, had told the Elderly woman at the time of the award, and added: “You can learn with 70 Greek – I’m still looking for students.” As long as you have four courses at the community College plan, think you, to find a space in the old home. In your the word fun language courses play a large role.

Kasner in the GDR-times it wasn’t always easy. Love the native Danzigerin in 1954, went to be with her husband, Horst Kasner, from Hamburg in the East. In 1957, the family moved to the Uckermark. In Templin, Merkel’s 2011 led dead father, a College, the Brandenburg pastor to Preach learned. As a Pastor’s wife Herlind Kasner was not allowed to teach in state schools, wrote to Merkel’s biographer, Gerd Langguth. After the reunification, it was also politically. From the SPD it is, but again, told Herlind Kasner later.

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