Almost five years have passed since the city of Mosul showed up in an ancient mosque in the Northern Iraqi major, a man who was considered until then as the Phantom. Up to this time, only a few blurry photos, which showed a puffy face with strong eyebrows existed of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

But on this Friday in July 2014, climbed to the leader of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS), the pulpit dressed in Black, with a long Beard and had his followers as the “Caliph” of a new Empire pay homage to. Abu Bakr was revealed to the Public, perfectly staged in a Propaganda Film. A day later, the IS-followers spread in the Internet, a 21-minute long Video, as it would have been a coronation mass.

Since then, but again each track is missing from the “invisible Shaykh”, Abu Bakr is also called. Only rarely, he then reported via audio messages, the last Time last August. Since the fall of the last IS stronghold in Syria on Saturday, the self-proclaimed Caliphate disintegrated definitively. Thus, the question in the centre occurs also again: Where is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: several times his death was reported

The international Anti-IS coalition is outwardly unaware. There is no information on the whereabouts of the ISIS leader, said the Vice-commander of the Alliance, major General Christopher Ghika, in a phone unlock with journalists.


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German is supposed to have killed IS a member of the five-year-old girl in Iraq

By Kerstin Herrnkind

Multiple reports have emerged in the past few years, Abu Bakr had been injured in air strikes or even killed. Almost two years ago, it was called from Moscow, the now 47-Year-old was killed in a Russian air attack near the former Syrian ISIS stronghold of Al-Rakka killed, as he met with other leaders of the jihadists. Evidence for these messages? .

So many rumors are circulating about him. In the past few weeks, media reported that he had been the last Syrian IS-Bastion Baghus, but fled prior to the start of the attack on the place in the surrounding desert areas. The British newspaper “the Guardian” wants to have learned from intelligence services that foreign fighters had tried unsuccessfully to assassinate Abu Bakr.

The majority of analysts agree that the leader of the jihadists, at least, is still alive. The Iraqi IS expert Hisham al-A. Hashimi is convinced. “He has not participated in any battle and the Fight kept,” he says. Abu Bakr’s Bodyguards knew that it was more important to save his life as to receive the Caliphate.

But Abu Bakr is even more than the iconic symbol of a terrorist organization that has exceeded the height of their Power? How far he can run from his hiding place from the IS really?

Parallels to Osama bin Laden

he’s still Alive, is he with the outside world only to a limited extent in contact. He is surrounded in his hiding place, apparently, only to the closest of Confidants. The IS-boss don’t use any electronic devices and only communicate through oral or hand-written messages, says Al-A. Hashimi. This would be brought by couriers, often women of his family – with encrypted Codes to your recipients. Also to his health, it should not be ordered for the Best. In Reports, there is talk of a sugar disease that plagues him. The international Anti-IS coalition is now of the view that its importance is diminishing more and more, such as General Ghika says.

Islamic state

“Never a man beheaded”: encounter with the German IS-fighters Martin Lemke

Abu Bakr’s fate is reminiscent of Osama bin Laden, the former Al-Qaeda chief, a US-special-forces killed in 2011 after a year long search, in Pakistan’s Abbottabad. Long ago, Abu Bakr replaced him as the most prominent head of the international Jihad. In 1971 in the Iraqi city of Samarra born, studied, Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badri – his real Name – in Baghdad, Islamic law and the Koran. He should have been as a young man, a good footballer.

After the US invasion in 2003, he spent ten months in the notorious Camp Bucca. The prison camp the Americans also bears the nickname “Jihad Academy”, because the heads in the scene were able to pass on their Knowledge, and ideologically mutually fired. At the latest, in this place, Abu Bakr, the terrorist is likely to have a career started, which led him in 2011 to the top of the IS-precursor.

this is Where Abu Bakr, will go hunting for him. The United States have a bounty of 25 million dollars (22 million euros) on him – so he has the inglorious honour of being one of the world’s most wanted terrorists.

fin / Jan Kuhlmann / DPA