The Polar vortex in the Midwest and the North of the United States for use in extreme temperatures of up to minus 40 degrees. The coldest night is likely to be temporary, but in the next few days the temperatures will barely rise. Up to 21 people so far to be in the minus degrees died. In some affected States, the state of emergency was declared, schools and shops are partially closed.

Nevertheless, some people have to work in the cold, to clear, for example, in order to repair burst water pipes or on the airfield of an airport. How does it feel to make under such extreme conditions of his Job? The BBC has made some of the people in any kind of weather out.

“The cold we can hardly describe”

for example, There is Board Thicke, a city clerk in the small Town of Richfield, Wisconsin. Thicke admits to using his snow plow the streets in his home town: “There is nothing I can compare it at all,” he told the “BBC”. “I’m trying to think of the greatest cold I have ever experienced and multiply it with the factor of ten. It is a incredible cold, which can hardly be put into words.” Thicke describes how the cold burns in the face, although it is almost completely protected, the eyes shed tears and even the thickest winter boots stop the cold. It was only possible to work for three hours, because the hydraulic fluid in the snow plow to make trouble.

Jim Gard is not a snow plow. He must repair in the city of Madison burst water pipes: “It isn’t much fun to be in this weather outside, especially if one is after dark when it gets colder. We may at any time be called (…). You have to keep moving or You’ll freeze completely. You have to work hard to stay warm.” Of particular concern to the motorists driving on the icy roads and the workers may be overlooked in him. The city asked them that extra yellow signal West.

Warm vans on the airfield

Some of the airports have ceased to exist, other the cold, tried to defy. The airport in Columbus, Ohio, posted a Video in which a staff de-iced a plane. Including all of the employees today work outside during the polar vortex: “Praises. We praise you for your efforts.” A spokesman for American Airlines reported that on the Chicago O’hare International Airport for the employees of small buses to the airfield are provided, where you can enjoy a warm-up.”

Similar to the inventive Sarah McMullen. She works in a hospital in indiano Polis, where the Thermometer fell to minus 23 degrees. She told the BBC: “emergency personnel, and other hospital staff, such as myself, do not have to go to work, even if it is advised to take a lot of time out.”

McMullen admits that she was nervous when she commutes in the cold between work and home: “I have several Blankets in the car, to me at any time even warmer pack, and an emergency bag prepared for an Overnight stay.” She works in the emergency Department and therefore can not stay at home: “Medical emergencies, there is always, regardless of the weather, so we must be prepared to supply the people.”

source: BBC News