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Jan: Maybe we don’t even come from the EU (15.45 PM)Greta Thunberg in Sweden, “woman of the year” (13: 44)After a series of glitches: the Minister must) fly line (12.17 p.m.)patient killer not thought of quitting (12.17 PM), Volkswagen wants to swipe up to 7000 (12.13 p.m.), search for Rebecca in Brandenburg, continued (9.59 PM

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+++ 15: 45: Britain’s Prime May: We could not even get out of the EU exit +++

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has called during a speech before workers in the port city of Grimsby to the last efforts on the way to the Brexit. It is only a last impetus is lacking to leave the EU in an orderly, reported by British media. A few days before the crucial vote in the British Parliament, the Prime Minister warned the Arranged but, the exit to reject this Treaty. Literally, she said: “The Brexit could be delayed by many months. We could escape without the protection that the Deal offers us, from the EU. We were not able to escape.” In January, in Parliament, failure to exit the contract is on next Tuesday to vote again. The so-called Backstop solution for Northern Ireland is the sticking point. The Brexit is on 29. March will come into force.

+++ 15.27 PM: First, in the USA, closed gay marriage after decades of complete +++

After decades of legal battles is the first in the United States closed gay marriage been accepted. The US broadcaster NBC News reported, Michael and Jack McConnell had recently received pension entitlements for long-time married couples approved. The social security authorities confirmed, therefore, that the two 77 Year olds with the pension claims of the past 48 years married couple. The marriage of two men is considered to be the first officially closed gay marriage in the United States – and possibly worldwide. Michael McConnell and Jack Baker, who later adopted the surname of his partner, had used in 1971, a gap in the law in the state of Minnesota to get married. A wedding between two people of the same sex was not prohibited at the time explicitly.

+++ 14.57 PM: But no anti-Semitism: a car Strasbourg damaged synagogues Stele +++

A memorial for a former synagogue in Strasbourg, has not been overturned, contrary to first assumptions, but on purpose. The analysis of surveillance videos have shown that the Stele had been hit last weekend by a backward moving car and overturned, reported the Alsatian regional newspaper “Dernières Nouvelles d’alsace”. There is no anti-Semitic motive.

the driver of The car had been identified. He had to face in June a court procedure.

The Stele is reminiscent of a 1940 the Nazis destroyed the synagogue. She had been found on Saturday overturned. Strasbourg mayor Roland Ries said at the time that he, a Jew did. In France there is currently a wide debate about anti-Semitism. The number of Jews hostile incidents increased, according to Figures from the Ministry of the interior, 2018 to 74 percent.

+++ 14.48 PM: storm the summit cross of the Zugspitze +++

damaged In the severe Storms of the past few days the summit cross of the Zugspitze has been damaged. In the night of Thursday, a piece was broken out of the halo that adorns the gold-plated cross, said a spokesman for the Bavarian Zugspitze railway.

images of the Webcam to the with 2962 meters, the highest mountain in Germany show that one out of four rays; from the mountain station of view, it is the beam in the lower right. An employee of the Zugspitzbahn have collected the broken pieces. Now it must be examined how the cross repaired.

+++ 14: 39: May: EU-decisions have prompted a major influence on Brexit vote +++

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, the EU has to make concessions in the dispute on the Brexit Treaty. “The decisions of the EU in the next few days will have a big impact on the outcome of the vote,” said May in a speech in the Eastern English town of Grimsby. It’s just a final effort was necessary, the concerns of Parliament in London address.

Already on next Tuesday May want to let the MPs in the British house of Commons again about the Brussels negotiated Brexit Treaty to the vote. In a first attempt failed in mid-January.

+++ 14.32 PM: criticism of call for the abolition of gender-sensitive language +++

One of the many Celebrities signed the call for the abolition of gender justice in the German language met with experts on sharp criticism. “I think that you have to shoot in their criticism beyond the target,” said the Freiburg linguistics-Professor Helga Kotthoff of the German press Agency. “The call only promotes Hyper radical Pro and Contra. Any differentiation is missing.”

Shirts with messages

These celebs put to the world women’s day, a fashion Statement

Mareike fishing man

Selective criticism of some of the Try to make the language gender-fair, right, said Kotthoff. Because texts must still be readable. With the call but the child will be distributed “with the bathwater”. The linguistics Professor Anatol stefanowitsch, from the Free University of Berlin, said the call to go back “with full throttle in the past”. Under him “mostly the older folks who see your language habits hurt had been signed”.

The German language Association (Dortmund) had launched together with prominent male and female comrades-in-arms, a signature campaign was “stop the Gender nonsense”.

+++ 14.23 PM: Assault on a money Transporter: the perpetrator only small sum of +++

In the case of the robbery captured on a money Transporter at the Cologne/Bonn airport, the perpetrators have made to investigators information only little loot. “In the case of only a minor amount was,” said Cologne’s head Prosecutor Ulrich Bremer. For more Details, he did not want to call. The manhunt for the two unknown robbers. The two masked men were injured during the RAID on Wednesday, a security guard shot and seriously injured. After the fact, they fled with a stolen car, which they continued shortly after in a fire and left. Since then, lacking any trace of the perpetrators. In the car wreck, the investigators had found a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

+++ 14.22 PM: ultra-Orthodox Jews attack women at Jerusalem’s wailing wall, to +++

thousands of ultra-Orthodox men attacked at Jerusalem’s wailing wall, a group of liberal Jews, who wanted to fight for equal rights. The group “women of the wailing wall” was attacked according to own statements during a prayer at one of the most important Holy sites of Judaism, from the predominantly young devout. The Israeli police, spoke of “friction” and “verbal abuse”, the rival groups had been separated. A 20-Year-old was arrested after an attack on a police officer.

The “women of the wailing wall” challenge for 30 years, equal access for both sexes to the religious rituals at the site. So also women to lead prayers there, prayer wear shawls, and Torah scrolls must not touch. So, the group draws the IRE of Orthodox Jews who want to hold fast to the gender separation at the Western wall.

+++ 14.10 watch: Turbulent weather at the weekend – it is also turbulent colder again +++

storm, Thunderstorm, sun, snow, and rain: The weekend weather will be. Next week it goes on and on.

Saturday presented a densely cloudy and rainy. In the course of the day, the rain area in the direction of the South and the pre-polar cold air. It provides area for showers and Thunderstorms. The already stormy Wind can swell in exposed mountain locations to the hurricane.

Sunday is it then. For this day, the German weather service (DWD) is located in Offenbach, just a steady rain, can be in the South is also strong, but in the Central mountains of snow. A fierce Wind blows everywhere. Occasionally there may be severe wind gusts and Thunderstorms. Best the weather is still on the Baltic sea. There and then the sun comes out. Also dry it remains, as in other regions of the country. The temperatures vary between 6 degrees North and 12 degrees in the South.

+++ 13.44 PM: Greta Thunberg in Sweden, “woman of the year” +++

on the Occasion of world women’s day, the young Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has been to call in your home country for the most important woman of the year. In a survey conducted by the Institute Inizio on behalf of the newspaper “Aftonbladet”, the 16-Year-old narrowly against the party leader of the Christian Democrats, Ebba Busch Thor,. The “Aftonbladet informed”.

“Fridays for Future”

“Greta Thunberg is for us an Idol” – Like the climate-change activist of Hamburg students enthusiastic

Also, another Swedish newspaper, “Expressen”, named Thunberg “woman of the year”. There, a Jury decided on the award.

In the Top Ten of the “Aftonbladet”survey made it also to the Ex-Chairman of the Swedish Academy, Sara Danius, and crown Princess Victoria. To the question, “What is the Swedish woman had, in your opinion, during the past twelve months have a particularly positive effect?” replied some of the nearly 1000 respondents, with “wife/girlfriend” or “mom”.

+++ 13.40 PM: Venezuela: students and workers to stay due to a power outage at home +++

Due to a massive power outage, students and workers in Venezuela to go home. On Friday, the lessons from the case of public and private Employees would not have to appear at their work places, said Vice-President Delcy Rodríguez of the TV channel Telesur. So the repair should be simplified to work.

On Thursday evening had a heavy power failure, the extended parts of the South American country to a standstill. According to media reports, there was also on Friday and in some regions still have no electricity. Information Minister Jorge Rodríguez spoke of Sabotage and made enemies of the socialist government of President Nicolás Maduro for the loss of power responsible.

+++ 13.23 PM: the US government wants to disarmament agreement with North Korea until 2020 +++

Despite the failed summit with North Korea, the US aspires to-government agreement on nuclear disarmament of the country until the end of the first term of President Donald Trump 2020. This is the time to plan, to working, said a senior employee of the US state Department in Washington. “We are not so far, as we wanted to be, but we are making progress.” China’s foreign Minister Wang Yi has warned both sides against making exaggerated claims in the dispute over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

+++ 13.10 PM: USA to dampen hopes for a quick end to the trade dispute with China, + + +

The U.S. and China are not yet a breakthrough in the trade war. In the negotiations there are different positions that, according to the U.S. Ambassador in Beijing, Terry Branstad, further discussion is necessary. So far no date for a summit between US President Donald Trump and China’s state and party chief Xi Jinping had been set, – the Ambassador said in an Interview with the business newspaper “the Wall Street Journal”. The Diplomat made it clear that there is still no preparations for such a summit. Although both sides had agreed that trade talks are “significant progress” has been achieved, however, the Agreement had not been reached yet, said the Ambassador, dampened hope of a quick end to the trade dispute.

+++ 12.17 PM: After a series of glitches, most of the Ministers have to take in the future, flights +++

most of The Federal Minister must, until further notice, per line, plane, fly to your appointments. It reported the “mirror”. The reason is that Recently there have been numerous breakdowns in government planes, so that again and again the Minister or of the Federal President were sitting. According to “mirror” the flight readiness from now on only Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier and the most important members of the government. To German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) and interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU). Development aid Minister Gerd Müller (CDU) criticized the measure, because it limited the work. Müller had been able to visit at the beginning of March only in Mexico, instead of a whole series of Latin American countries to talks and was in Africa once Suffering a breakdown. To clearing the instance of maladministration, ordered three new machines.


the government machine, “Theodor Heuss”: According to a report, the flight readiness until further notice, only the Federal President, the Chancellor, and selected Ministers.

+++ 12.17 PM: patient killer didn’t Stop ans “Wanted to be caught” +++

The convict patient killer Niels Högel has not thought of between his actions in his own words to the Stop. He was at times careful bein the spraying of patients become, in order not to be discovered, said Högel in the murder trial before the regional court of Oldenburg. In the course of time, he was neglected but increasingly, and I have not paid particular attention to the selection of patients for whom medication is administered. In his last time in the Delmenhorst clinic, he had received, eventually, a higher risk of: “I finally wanted to be caught to stop.” Högel is charged with the murder of 100 patients.

+++ 12.13 PM: media report: Volkswagen wants to swipe up to 7000 Digits +++

The car maker Volkswagen is planning a media report that the deletion of thousands of jobs. As the “Handelsblatt” reported, citing the group circles, could fall to 5000 in the management of the core brand by 2023, a saving program for victims. These were about ten percent of the jobs in the area. This number could rise accordingly, but still up to 7000.

in December, Volkswagen had announced savings to investment in electric cars and the digitization of the lift. Job cuts did not want to exclude the brands’s chief financial officer, Arno face. This savings program should be tightened according to the “Handelsblatt” again.

Neither the company nor the works Council wanted to comment on the report. A spokesman for the works Council, however, pointed to an up to 2025 valid guarantee of Employment, for operational reasons could be layoffs.

+++ 11.22 PM: Steinmeier praises the student demos for climate protection +++

Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier has welcomed the student protests for greater protection for the environment explicitly. Many of the adults have not yet noticed, “it’s five before twelve,” says Steinmeier in Neumünster to students in a “Fridays For the Future,”vigil in front of city hall. It was the first Time that the Federal President expressed to the Friday demos.