The day after the great confusion, the leaves were full of martial headlines. The “Daily Mail” ran the headline pretty aptly named “Chaos reigns”, Chaos reigns, the respectable “the Times” wrote of a “Brexit-meltdown”, and as the not all is bad enough, to top it all off, Washington also US President Donald Trump to word with a exceptionally not-so-stupid speech. He was surprised about how bad the British Prime Minister, Theresa May the entire Brexit have handled.

Trump stood, obviously still under the impression that even for British standards bizarre day. On Wednesday the Parliament on a possible No-Deal is matched scenarios and unregulated excluded farewell categorically. The led in the lower house to the highly absurd Situation that the government is in sheer panic made for an additional vote that you had previously submitted. Because all of the members of the Cabinet, and foamed May in the Cabinet, but they were still much to the resentment of May. Who comes there, is in good company with about 60 million Britons, who no longer understand what is happening behind the facades of Westminster, also.


EU Parliament

The most absurd of all the Brexit scenarios: forced the British to the European elections?

The Brexit has thrown London into Chaos, followed by a vote on the vote. But for the Rest of Europe, the confusion of the EU, the British exit risky. You need to participate in the European elections, although they want to leave the EU?

By Annette Berger

it is Clear for the confused Wednesday that the majority of the members want to exclude a Crash from the EU definitely, you voted twice. And it is also clear that you have revoked not only the health of ailing Prime Minister more or less Power. After agonizing years without much progress movement now comes, at least in the Chose.

How Brussels reacts?

The signals from Brussels were more likely to behave. An EU official language, the results from London were about the same as the Titanic would argue that the iceberg disappears. There are only two ways to leave the Union: With a Deal or without. And that it is not rich, to vote against a No Deal, if there is no Alternative to Mays plans.

lower house

top politicians and their contradictions: Why are the British the Brexit to come to her problem

the parliamentarians are Required. You need to put in to quickly workable solutions. Exactly what you debated on Thursday. The two votes on the eve of had paved the way for the vote to apply for a Brexit-a postponement. It was adopted in the early evening as expected, and with a large majority (412 to 202 votes). Means: Theresa May will now compete in the Canossa-Gang, and in the case of the EU, an extension of the withdrawal agreement until the end of June to beg. If the Europeans agree, the Brexit on the 29. March from the table. A self-goers, however, this is not how the EU Commission made immediately thereafter. All 27 member States must wave the extension, and one should also not underestimate that the continent of a certain Brexit-fatigue is afflicted.

Previously, had abgebügelt the parliamentarians, a first litter for a second Referendum and to the General Surprise, the Labour MP Hillary Benn had introduced and would be come a De facto disempowerment of May. He failed narrowly (312 to 314 votes) – much to the relief of the government. It was after a low-series is a bit of a balm for May.

third Brexit-Deal-vote for Theresa may

Which now wants to be firm on that 20. March again on your already twice abgeschmetterten Deal to the vote. The chances of him in the third start-up to get you through this low. Although, well, the Euro-sceptics, manifestly, their skins swim see and timid support is indicated. The Northern Irish DUP and the hardliners of the “European Research Group” could gather is now behind the beleaguered Prime Minister. Late, probably too late.

Behind-the-Scenes talks on a cross-party consensus for a soft exit, the Labour Boss Jeremy Corbyn favored now seem to run for a long time. There could be a probably even a majority.

Could. You don’t know it. Everything remains in the Swung open. You can rely on nothing more. Maybe with one exception: soccer. The Morning after the chaotic Wednesday and the relevant headlines of the “Sun” consoling had to report: “While our politicians dither and make a fool of themselves, are the football clubs in the country for the exact opposite of the Brexit responsible – extreme skills and a very clear whereabouts in Europe.”