The British Prime Minister Theresa May has asked the Parliament in London to have more time and support for Changes to the Brexit Treaty. About six weeks before the planned to exit the EU, they appealed to the deputies, “to keep the nerves”.

“The talks are at a crucial stage,” it said in advance excerpts of widespread Text of the speech that wants to keep May in the early afternoon in the lower house. On Thursday, the deputies are to vote on further steps in the Leaving process.

The exit from the European Union must in time be completed, as the head of government. “I think we can reach a Deal, the Parliament can support.” This was, among other things, on the design of the Backstop and the strengthening of the role of the Parliament in the next Phase of the negotiations.

The Backstop encounters particularly great resistance in the Parliament. This is a guarantee clause for an open border between British Northern Ireland and the EU Ireland. The scheme provides that the United Kingdom remains as long as the Whole part of the customs Union, until a better solution is found.

Brexit supporters in the Conservative party fear that the UK could remain permanently close to the EU bound. The Northern Ireland party, the DUP, whose votes may’s minority government relies, does not want to support the agreement. The DUP rejects any special role in Northern Ireland.

The agreement on the modalities of the withdrawal, the May with the EU, which had already been negotiated was in the middle of January in the London Parliament with Timpani and trumpets. May need a “little more time” to negotiate with the EU, said the Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Andrea Leadsom, in a BBC Interview.

Britain is to on 29. In March the EU is to leave. May meets with your Brexit course considerable resistance from multiple sides in the lower house. The EU refuses to renegotiate the agreement.

The Brexit-the chief negotiator of the EU, Michel Barnier, was asked on Monday in London to move to the EU exit. He reiterated that the EU will not open the with May negotiated Brexit Treaty, “and no renegotiations begin”. There should be a “No Deal” may result in chaotic conditions in the economy and many other areas of life.