you can See shots of the blood moon in the Video and you’ll learn how a rare lunar Eclipse:

a rare image for the early birds: shown to be A “blood moon” referred to the sky is a phenomenon of the Morning in many Parts of Germany. The full moon glowed during a total Eclipse of the moon reddish.

How many onlookers photographed the Planetarium of Bochum and wrote on Twitter: “This #lunar Eclipse is likely to remain in the totality (beginning at 5:41 CET) quite bright.”

Only in the North of Germany and in the Alpine foreland, the weather made the “blood moon”Fans on the streets: Many clouds hidden the view.

next “blood moon” until 2028

a lunar Eclipse occur only during a full moon. The sun, earth and moon lie exactly on a line. If you missed the “blood moon”, you must wait for something now: The next sky spectacle of a total lunar Eclipse, there is only new year’s eve in 2028.

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