a Fierce Thunderstorm with heavy rain have brought to the travel plans of passengers at Germany’s largest passenger airport mess. The Frankfurt airport was on Friday temporarily suspended the clearance. In the North and in the centre of Hesse, many cellars were under water. Until the evening the German weather service (DWD) expected shock, with more powerful low. “There’s more coming,” said spokesman Andreas Friedrich. Part of the Central and North Hessen warnings existed prior to extreme storms.

a halt at the Frankfurt airport

for About an hour were at the big air travel hub no passengers and machines handled. According to information from the operator, Fraport, several flights were cancelled. This is done for reasons of routine safety, when in front of lightning and Thunder within a radius of eight kilometers, be warned, a spokesman said. You can enjoy the Outdoors on the flying field is prohibited.

Germany’s largest Airport arriving passengers on Friday some 230,000 pass or fly away. Out of a total of 1560 take-offs and landings were cancelled until the afternoon 100. The Thunderstorm raged since Friday noon, almost two hours about Hesse. In the Region of Giessen as well as to the Edersee information within a short period of time, have been, according to DWD-up to 80 litres of water per square meter.

Thunderstorms over large Parts of Germany

In the neighboring Rhineland-Palatinate there was again severe weather with strong rains. In Trier, the fire brigade had marched on Thursday night to more than 200 missions out. Similar challenges also the use of forces in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern the capital of Schwerin. A downpour led to the entire area of the city cellars were full. At times, the fire Department was at 60 locations at the same time.

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In Parts of Baden-württemberg Thunderstorms in the rail traffic and damage. A bolt of lightning, out-braked the Deutsche Bahn on Friday morning on the Central Rhine valley route between Offenburg and Karlsruhe.

Also in the capital, the weather had an impact on the flight traffic: Eight domestic flights were cancelled. If it were flights to Frankfurt and Munich, said a spokesman for the airport Berlin-Brandenburg . Depending on the weather it could come in the course of the Evening to further cancellations, it said. Berlin’s second airport, Schönefeld in the Southeast of the city, no reports of cancelled flights were to begin with.

According to the DWD meteorologists, the summer is also the weekend for the time being, a break. The temperatures are, therefore, only moderately warm. The severe weather risk in comparison to Friday, but clear.

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