they are known to be tiny, tiny, look under the microscope to be surprisingly cute and are tough as only a few other creatures: water bears, also by their scientific name Tardigrada. Less than a Millimeter-sized animals prefers to live in moist areas, but can survive dry periods for many years, by driving your metabolism down completely. Real stubborn guy so – and have now conquered a challenging Terrain: the moon.

For the first Time researchers water bears Sex movies

On may 11, could. April, the Israeli Lander “Beresheet” took a course to the moon. But just before he reached the surface of the moon, broke the data transmission. In the ground station lost contact with the space probe. “Beresheet” crashed on the so-called “sea of joy” and crashed. With the Remains of the Landers also be content in the dust of the moon distributed by: On-Board is a kind of time capsule that contained, for example, storage media with the contents of the English-language Wikipedia, or Hebrew Bible. In addition, human DNA – and thousands of water bears.

The tiny creatures fell on the moon

The scientists of the project, Space IL, which had realized the moon mission, were shocked. First of all, because of the crash and then because of the possible consequences. Nova Spivack, a scientist and entrepreneur, recalls his first fears. He had distributed just the survival of the most powerful animal in the universe on the surface of the moon? “In the first 24 hours we were in a state of shock,” said Spivack, compared to “Wired”. “We had expected it to be successful. We knew that there were risks, they were not rated as significant.”

The into space skillful of DNA and the dehydrated tardigrade were fixed in a layer of Epoxy resin, before they came on Board of the lander. Presumably they have survived thanks to the robust material the Crash relatively unscathed. The tiny creatures to colonize the moon, not feared Spivack but. This is because the water bears water and an atmosphere would need both the moon can’t offer you. So you will remain in your dried, lifeless state, until they maybe one day be an Astronaut back to earth.

source: “Wired”

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