More than ten years after his escape from prison has been a 64-Year-old in Austria, the police. The man reported to the police at the train station in Salzburg, according to a notice Monday that he had spent the last ten and a half years on the island of Tenerife and at the age now back to Austria in return. The man had, therefore, on Saturday evening, two travel suitcases, and there was to be a short time before at Munich airport landed. “According to information provided by the fugitive convicts Tenerife is no longer as beautiful as formerly, and that he had lived long enough there,” wrote the police in their message.

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The 64-Year-old was, after a Review of its history in the justice of Salzburg institution. Had fled, he more than ten years ago from the justice Schwarzau prison at Steinfeld, in the South of Vienna. It was unclear initially why the man was in prison and how long he would be there to stay. An additional sentence for his escape, he does not have to worry in any case: As a spokesman for the police told the Austrian news Agency APA, is a prison outbreak in Austria with impunity.

source: DPA