The district court had sentenced the 85-year – old Ingrid M. in August 2018 to a prison sentence of four months, without the possibility of parole. Too hard for a woman her age, was the defense. Too lenient for repeat offenders, said the Prosecutor’s office. Both sides appealed the decision.

On Tuesday, the regional court of Memmingen rejected both points of view as unfounded. The Pensioner must be in prison again.

Berlin3: dispute about basic pension

money from the state for the poor pensioners? What is the real cause of poverty in old age

By Tilman Gerwien

In a wheelchair and the Pensioner, a carer is pushed to the dock. In their sixth offence it comes to powder, mascara, hair clips, cleaning cream and whipped cream until stiff, of a total value below 20 Euro.

she didn’t steal it, repeated the old lady during the appeal process, again and again: “I have been of some people.” However, several witnesses are a burden on the Elderly woman. Your subject from the past processes does not seem to hold. At that time, she had insisted again and again, due to their low pension stolen. “That’s what I did, because otherwise I would have starved to death”, as it manifests itself also on Tuesday.

the way in old-age poverty for many of the previously determined

M. have worked for half their lives. With her second husband, she lived in prosperity, – an elegant country house furniture and good food. But then you’ve lost the investment. And in the same year as her husband.

Today she gets, including the widow’s pension of about 725 euros per month. Basic backup is complete, you will not receive. It is one of the three million pensioners in Germany, which are considered to be “at risk of poverty”. In Bavaria, all the traps, including, the monthly is less than 1025 Euro. After the deduction of all fixed costs less than 100 Euro remained to her of life.

In the years to come many of the long-term unemployed and people from the low-wage sector, to the retirement age. For many of them, the path to poverty in old age is inevitable,” says Ulrich Schneider, managing Director of the joint General Association of the German press Agency (DPA).

judgment of the lower court is confirmed

in The first theft of a saleswoman watched as the woman stew from the meat counter, filled in a freezer bag. The reduced-price meat at a cost of a judgment of the district court of Memmingen already 1800 Euro fine. Load more thefts followed: a bottle of Rum soups,. Later: Tablets, Mascara, Moisturizer, Patches, Eyeliner, Powder, Mascara. After the fifth offense, you had to be in October 2017, for the first time to prison.


Why many of the young German hope for better finances – and yet, poverty in old age fear

Through the interest of the Public m. received a lot of attention, strangers came forward and wanted to support them. After 55 days, she was released early from prison. She wanted the experience never expressed them publicly.

“Both mentally as well as physically, she took the stick,” says her Probation officer in court on Tuesday. “This arrest is the impression that has not kept even a half a year”, however, says the Prosecutor in the plea, and continues: “time and again, the defendant tried to get the thing nice that you stole out of Hunger food. But it’s not just food but also cosmetics stolen.” He calls for six months imprisonment. The defender pleads for acquittal.

For the court, the lower court took into account “the high life age and state of health of Ms. M.” – on the other hand, there were many previous convictions and suspended sentences, which were not used. “The judiciary has had so much patience with you,” said the judge, according to DPA. He confirmed the verdict: four months in prison.

km / DPA

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