With Sledgehammers and vacuum cleaners you can go on the prowl: Criminals in the British capital in the last twelve months, around 120,000 pounds (the equivalent of 140,000 euros) from Parking machines in the town of Kensington and Chelsea, parts of stolen.

The municipal Council reported that the thieves open the Park vending machines with Sledgehammers or drills. Then the Gangster with the vacuum cleaner would be the coin tubes siphoning money, according to the newspaper “The Telegraph”. It also happened that some of the Parking machines were rammed with cars, in order to get the money.

cashless payment as a counter-measure

Now considering whether the cash payment should be set at about 700 Parking meters. Car drivers, you get to pay the ticket via a Smartphone. This does not, however, for the majority of the British people in question: According to a recent survey, 70 percent of the Park, the vending machine only with the Smartphone paid can would avoid, rather.

Want to Pascall by the municipal Council in Chelsea, said to the vacuum cleaner-speed star: “We know from the police that this crime to Finance other crimes, drug and human trafficking, to crimes of violence.” The thefts of the local Metropolitan Police were reported. So far, however, there are no clues to the perpetrators, as evidence was lacking.

sources: BBC , “The Telegraph”