In the case of mass child abuse in Lügde the youth welfare office, Hameln, despite multiple references to pedophilia, a 56-Year-old as a foster father to a little girl.

of Hameln district administrator Tjark Bartels (SPD), admitted on Tuesday that in 2016, a job centre employee, a different father, as well as a Kindergarten psychologist expressed a suspicion. These instructions are also noted in the files. In the past, the district had always spoken only of References to the messy living conditions.

The unemployed long-term camper together with an accomplice over the years, children abused and filmed. His foster-child, he used to other victims to attract. At the beginning of 2017, the husband had obtained at the request of the in a circle Hameln living mother, the guardianship for the girl who has already lived longer with him.

County Commissioner Bartels apologized to the Victims. He also announced that a welfare office employee, had shortly before the seizure of the files deleted by the Prosecutor in an entry, the investigators were able to reconstruct. It was shown that the man is always looking for contact with younger girls and in a relationship of dependence. The woman was exempted from duty.