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the UK will be in 2050 CO2-neutral (6.51 PM)

the world is again) some peaceful (6.03 PM)

Safari Park-giraffes die due to lightning (5.11 PM)

UN condemn violence in the Sudan (2.43 PM

In Tualatin, or kidnapped Polish nurse exempt (0.13 PM)

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+++ 7.54 PM: once Again, a journalist in Mexico killed +++

In Mexico, has once again been a journalist killed. Norma Sarabia was shot and killed on Tuesday (local time) in the Federal state of Tabasco, in the vicinity of their apartment in the city of Huimanguillo, two Gunmen on a motorcycle, how to Mexican media reports. The two attackers were able to flee. Sarabia had worked according to the Reports, 15 years as a correspondent for the newspaper “Tabasco Hoy” and, most recently, for other media in Tabasco.

It is already the sixth journalist murder in Mexico since the beginning of the year. Reporters without borders ranks Mexico as one of the most dangerous countries for journalists after the war countries, Syria and Afghanistan. Since the year 2000, more than a hundred journalists were killed, ten in the past year. The perpetrators will be found, in most cases, never punished.

+++ 6.51 PM: the UK will, by 2050 CO2-neutral +++

the UK will want to be up to the year 2050 CO2-neutral. The British government today announced plans to achieve this goal through a reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases. The goal should be anchored in already existing environmental laws. The outgoing Prime Minister, Theresa May, said that her country could be “truly proud” of its fight against climate change. The UK should lead the world to a “cleaner, greener Form of growth”. The most important Advisory body to the government on climate change had stated, the 2050 target could be achieved. This would have to be expended between one and two percent of the gross domestic product.

+++ 6.03 PM: the world will become a little more peaceful +++

in Spite of all the violence and conflicts of the world for the first time since 2013, a little more peaceful. This is one of the today in London, published the Global Peace Index. The study by the think tank Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) rated each year in more than 160 countries around the world on the basis of criteria such as, for example, war, terrorism, police violence and weapons exports. According to the study, the situation stabilised in 2018, especially in the Ukraine, in Syria and in Iraq. Syria is, for the first time in several years, no longer the country with the lowest degree of peace. This course Afghanistan takes now. In Nicaragua, Turkey and Yemen, the situation has become worse.

Europe is the most peaceful Region in the world, in the past year, especially a decline in the number of terrorist attacks contributed to this. Also, the number of people seeking as refugees protection in Europe, declined.

+++ 5.11 PM: US-Safari Park lamenting the death of two giraffes by lightning +++

Two giraffes were killed in a Safari Park in the U.S. state of Florida by a lightning. “Lily and Jioni were on their grazing in their habitat, as six weeks ago, a heavy Thunderstorm rolled in,” wrote the Lion Country Safari Park now on his Facebook page. The autopsy had confirmed that the animals were in fact due to lightning strikes instantaneously killed. Actually, the animals had access to the numerous shelters. Since the zookeeper and the whole Team “had been destroyed because of this sudden and tragic loss on the ground,” have you been waiting for with the announcement of this Information until now. “We mourn more for our two incredibly adorable and charismatic giraffe; you will miss both of them deeply.”

+++ 5.08 PM: Hong Kong government postpones reading of the controversial law +++

After mass protests in Hong Kong has been moved the second reading of the controversial extradition act. The morning session of the Parliament of the Chinese special administrative region would be postponed until further notice, informed the President of the so-called legislative Council. Previously, tens of thousands of protesters had veins in Protest to major transport and government buildings in the former British colony is blocked.

protests effect

protesters block Parliament in Hong Kong, debate on the law on Extradition postponed

Because of the demonstrators in Hong Kong blocked the entrance to Parliament, had to be moved the second reading of the controversial extradition act. The government boss wants, the law is still in June by boxes.

AFP +++ 4.43 PM: problems at Berlin’s airports due to severe weather +++

Heavy rain and a violent Thunderstorm have caused problems at the Berlin airports Tegel and Schönefeld. The so-called advance clearance had to be adjusted according to a spokesman late on Tuesday night up in the Morning for several hours. Therefore, no passengers in the aircraft were able to get on or off, take-offs and landings have, however, been possible. Early in the Morning is the “advance clearance had been taken” again.

First of all, the Tegel airport was affected for a short time and later to the Airport in Schönefeld, as it was called. The security measure had been repealed in about the same time at both locations. Affected dozens of aircraft were, and the number of passengers, however, were not specified. Resulting delays at the two Airports, the spokesman could not rule out for this morning.

+++ 4.01 PM: Alligator patrol car +++

to bite An Alligator in US has taught the Deputy sheriffs in the U.S. state of Louisiana, the Fear: The 2.50 meters large reptile bite a part of the front bumper and the radiator grill of their patrol car, before it then disappeared, such as the Sheriff’s office Caddo Parish wrote on Facebook. Previously, the animal had been discovered to the North of the parish of Caddo, in the middle of a Highway and the Sheriff’s deputies had been informed, as the TV station WBRZ reported. The officials had done their Best to keep the “very angry” animal until the Arrival of the wild animal experts in chess. However, you could have the Alligator not stop to take a bite out of one of their cars. Before help had arrived, had disappeared in the Alligator.

+++ 3.05 PM: the Federal government wants to put more money in training +++

Who has no professional qualification, should in the future get a claim for these to catch up on. In addition, the Federal government wants to make significantly more money, so that can make people more – for example, to Master or specialist. This is from the “National training strategy”, which is the editors ‘ network of Germany. Minister of education, Anja Karliczek (CDU) and Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) want to present the strategy today in Berlin.

+++ 2.43 PM: UN security Council condemns violence in Sudan and calls for conflict solution +++

The UN security Council has condemned the violence against civilians in Sudan. In a joint statement, the security Council called for an immediate end to the violence and respect of human rights. The most important body of the United Nations, the military leadership called on Khartoum and the protest movement also, for a solution to the crisis is to cooperate.

since The overthrow of long-standing heads of state Omar al-Bashir’s ruling army, was to proceed early last week against the protest movement and had in Khartoum road blockades forcibly cleared. According to information of the Central Committee of Sudanese Physicians, more than 100 people were killed. The Ministry of health is the voice only of 61 deaths across the country.

+++ 2.27 PM: Macron wants to Trump new oak send +++

After together with US President Donald Trump planted the oak symbol is pregnant received, sets France’s head of state, Emmanuel Macron on a pragmatic solution. “I’m going to a other send, this is not a Drama,” said Macron yesterday evening in the Swiss TV of the SRF. He added, with a view to the received seedling, smiling: “Of arms has not survived, because he was subjected to a somewhat harsh Regime.”

symbol for crisis

The Trump and Macron planted tree is only a year dead

Macron, the young oak had brought with him in April 2018 as a gift on a state visit in Washington. The tree pointed to the friendship of the two countries: He came from a Northern French forest, where in the First world war, more than 2000 U.S. soldiers in the fight against the Germans had been killed.

+++ 0.13 PM: In Elizabeth, NJ kidnapped Polish nurse in France freed +++

A last week, in baden-württemberg, Aspach kidnapped a Polish care worker has been freed in France. The two alleged kidnappers were taken yesterday afternoon, as the Stuttgart public Prosecutor and the police have informed the Bureau of Aalen. The woman it is “well under the circumstances”. One of the arrested, a 51-year-old Poland, it is according to the police, the former husband of the Kidnapped.

The 47-Year-old was abducted on Monday last week with a camper. The vehicle was later found in a forest close to Strasbourg not empty. The police asked the population with a public wanted to Use, and motorists warned of the German-French border area in front of it, hitching a ride. The whereabouts of the men and their victim was finally able to “be due to more intense criminal investigations of the French investigators” determined, the police announced.

+++ 0.05 PM: Green pull in Insa-survey of Union +++

The Green ones are drawn in a further survey of the Union. Also in Insa-opinion trend for the “image”newspaper, the party is now the strongest power. Compared to the previous week, the Greens and, therefore, 1.5 percentage points to 26.5 percent – the highest ever in the Insa-mind trend for you to measured value. The CDU and the CSU follow behind with 24 per cent (minus 2 percentage points). Place the AfD, with 13.5 per cent (plus 0.5), slightly ahead of the SPD, with 13 per cent (minus 1). The FDP has gained 1 percentage point to 9 percent, the Left will lose half a point and now stand at 7.5 per cent.

In the published in June surveys, the Green landed earlier in the institutes infratest dimap and Forsa to square one. At Emnid Union and Green are equal, the research group of elections sees the CDU and the CSU just ahead of the Greens.

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