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The Waylanders Releases New Characters Details Before Its Release

Gato Salvaje Studio will be releasing its new video game soon. The Waylanders is an upcoming video game that will be released for gamers all over the world. The excitement around the video game has been at its peak. The video game developers have released new details about their video games. The details about the characters of the game have been revealed by the video game developers. If you are interested to know more about The Waylanders then you can read the post below to find out more.

The Waylanders Release Date

The Waylanders will be released next month. The exact release date for the video game has also been revealed. The Waylanders will be released on February 2nd, 2022.

The Waylanders New Characters

The fans of the game are anxiously waiting for the details about the upcoming game. The team has given some hints and clues about the new characters. The team has revealed two characters that will play a vital role in the game. The first character that has been revealed will be the druid Amergin. He will turn out to be one of the first companions on the journey of the players. You will run into this character a lot of times in the game. The second character will be the immortal Mourian Seer Nazhedja. He looks young and has been around and alive for over a thousand years. She is tied to the land’s magic and has been there for a long time.

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The Waylanders Trailer

The latest trailer for The Waylanders has been released. The team has released the trailers for both characters. Two new trailers of the game have been out. These trailers highlight all the details about the new characters. The video game will be officially released on February 2nd, 2022 on GOG and Steam.

The Waylanders Storyline

The game starts with the first meeting between the Celts and their gods. This is a time of celebration and enlightenment for the players. The negotiations go wrong, and a battle against a god will leave the players facing a near-death experience!

You will return to a land that has been overtaken by magickal corruption. The kingdom has splintered into multiple factions and you are warring for the throne. The Celtic society has become complex and comprises many different religions, human cultures and so much more.

The players will also meet with many mortal and immortal races such that are called the Mourians, Werewolves, Goblins, and monsters. So what can you expect from the game? What alliances and what friendships will you foster? What will be the romances that the players will pursue? What will you choose to do when you are in Medieval Spain?

Things will look pretty different in Galicia. Magic is fading and you can witness that religion is everywhere. A lot has changed and you will be looking for your immortal allies now. The players will discover changes that have been made to the land over a thousand years.

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