After the pioneering Hamburg want to facilitate several of the SPD or the left led countries officials, the entry in the statutory health insurance.

So there are concrete plans in Thuringia, Brandenburg, Bremen, and Berlin, as a survey of the German press Agency. In Hamburg, since August of 2018 new officials or those that are already insured by a statutory health can get a grant to the statutory health insurance (GKV) as a “package of aid”.

Today, more than eight out of ten officers are insured by a private insurance company. In a statutory Fund, you must pay the contribution so far alone. Treatment costs are covered in the Private health insurance (PKV) for you to 50 to 70 percent from state aid, the Rest pays for the insurance. The SPD was concluded in 2017 with the requirement for a citizens ‘ insurance in the election campaign. Private should there be able to switch insured. Each Neuversicherte should automatically be a member. Also more and more high earners, civil servants and self-employed workers should by law be insured. In the coalition with the Union for Reform had no Chance.

In Hamburg have applied for in the first half of the year, approximately 1200 officers, the lump-sum aid. 1015 received the grant, according to the personnel office with their February salaries already paid. “The number of over 1000 civil servants shows that there is a great need for such a scheme,” said health Senator Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks (SPD). That a disproportionately high number of applicants from the lower grades came, “shows that we have created a very social-friendly Alternative to existing aid.”

Attractive the model, in particular for officials with family, as they benefited from income-related contributions and the contribution-free Family co-insurance, said a spokesman authorities. In addition, the flat-rate aid is a protection from contribution from overwork at the age. “While contributions of the private health insurance are rising at the age often, sink the posts of the legal with decreasing old-age income.”

Thüringen wants to follow Hamburg’s example. The state government wants to make official before the election, whether they want to legally or private health insurance. A corresponding draft law is currently being discussed in the interior Committee of the Parliament. With the planned law, an additional aid is to be introduced, in order for officials for the Shi can decide, without having the financial disadvantages of fear, had explained to the Secretary of state Uwe Höhn (SPD) in Erfurt, Germany.

The Brandenburg state government brought in in January a draft law for the introduction of such a package in the Parliament. The Minister of Finance Christian Görke (Left) sees this as a step to increase the attractiveness of the country’s administration. More money then the roughly 4000 of the roughly 34 000 the Brandenburg officials, who are already voluntarily in the GKV, and so far, the post had to wear. Bremen’s red-green government wants to make officers in the future, whether you want private or statutory insurance.

Berlin is planning a flat-rate allowance for officials who are voluntarily insured by law. Corresponding vertices of the red had decided to red-green Senate. The model should occur at the beginning of 2020. Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (SPD) in the new contribution, in order to allow officials to have a real choice between GKV and PKV. The step was, especially in relation to civil servants in the lower grades is important.

In lower Saxony, to examine the issue of inclusion of officials in the Shi currently “the outcome”, said a government spokesperson. The state Parliament in Hanover, a draft law of the opposition Green group, the wording of the Hamburg rules applicable. From the Ministry of Finance in Mainz, it was said, currently, there is no Initiative on the part of the country was planned. The development in other countries remains to be seen. The state government is watching this.

politicians from the SPD and the Greens in the Federal government had welcomed the countries ‘ advances. The PKV-Association and the civil servants Union dbb reject you. Also, Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) had turned against the “Hamburg model”.