This is the story of a woman who can be described as “Real Bad-Ass”: Olive Yang Jinxiu.

Olive Yang has the story

posted died As Olive Yang half a year ago at the age of 90, she could claim to have written history. It resulted in the so-called Golden triangle, an army with thousands of fighters and was one of the biggest drug dealers of the era.

their story is far more complex, because Olive Yang was not just a Chinese woman from the first half of the 20th century. Century. Your family was your descent from the surroundings of the Emperor of the Ming dynasty. This is the last “pure” dynasty, which was supplanted by the foreign Mandschuh.

The clan of the Yangs was one of the most determined supporters of the Ming. After the final defeat of their Emperor house, they moved into the rugged border regions of present-day Myanmar, there they ruled over the Han Chinese from the Kokang tribe. One hundred years later, was born there, Yang Jinxiu, 1927, the Princess of the Kokang. They even preferred the British name Olive.


Stalin’s angel of death – against Lyudmila Pavlichenko, all of the German Sniper were powerless

Lyudmila Pavlichenko Stalin was the most dangerous weapon. The young woman stood bravely against the German invaders and became the most notorious sniper of the Second world war.

Gernot Kramper Schießwütiges girl

Olive Yang Jinxiu was devoted to the fate of a Princess. Beautiful and educated she should marry a suitable man. This proved to be more difficult than I thought, because Olive was a wild girl. The family chronicle tells that they’ve got problems in school, because you took your Revolver with in the classroom. It is described as trigger-happy.

she had not the feet bind and maim and you are not interested, other standards of Beauty. Olive Yang wore men’s clothing and was called by Relatives “Miss Hairy Legs”. In addition, she began to seduce the wives and Girlfriends of their brothers.

After the Second world war, she had to agree to an arranged marriage. This was again divorced, because her husband “was afraid of her,” said her sister Judy. But you got in this time, her only child, a son. But instead of playing the mother, engaged Olive Yang with a private militia of 300 Kokang in the Chinese civil war. After the Communists in 1949, were able to decide the war in China, the nationalist troops of the 93rd. Division under General Li Mi to Dodge to Myanmar.

the birth of the modern drug trade

dealers, Junkies, crime

A Report about the focal point of the Frankfurt train station neighbourhood

There, the international drug trade has been using a relatively young born secret service, the CIA,. The CIA wanted the Communists to damage. The forces of General Li Mis wanted to fight, but they needed money. Money that was supposed to deliver the drugs trade.

Under President Truman, the U.S. began to supply the fighters with modern weapons. The way was thus free for the fragmentation, the lack of rights and the corrosive effect of drugs in the Region – problems that have led to a perpetual civil war. The Kokang fighting, even today.

Olive Yang proved to be a logistics genius of the drug trade. They modernized the Transport and created trade routes from the jungle in the world, which have been used for decades.

last role as a peacemaker

the ruler of the Kokang her brother Edward was, but as the tried to find a peaceful solution and an agreement with the Central government threatened staged a coup, the militant’s sister. Your soldiers loved you, and so she was instead of her brother, ruled, formally, to the actual command. They used sensational love Affairs with famous Actresses and there she was with her brother in competition.

Complicated alliances in the civil wars in Myanmar have led to a tribal leader and drug dealer in the ‘ 70s, had an almost unlimited access to the so-called Golden triangle. In the Aegis of Olive Yang Jinxiu, the Golden triangle became the world’s largest supplier of Opium and Heroin. The worldwide wave of drug-related deaths in the 60s and 70s, go back on the Deal between the CIA and the Kokang rulers.

your last great role of the “Warlady” in 1989, when it brokered a kind of truce between the tribal forces and the Central government played this peace lasted for almost 20 years. For several years, will be re-fought.

the IS

About this woman is fighting against the terrorist-state of the caliphs

Kat Argo might sit in America on the terrace with your dog to play. Instead, it leads in Iraq men into battle. The star spoke with the woman who is fighting against the “enemy of humanity”.

Gernot Kramper

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