If the heated debate about climate change has really something needed, then it is certainly expertise. All the more remarkable that Frank Plasberg believes that a Talk round about the climate theme, “The earth sweats. The ice melts: How radically we need to change us?” without a single human from the climate specialist would be a good idea. Has criticized the climate-activist. An explanation for the strange concept of the “Hard supplied but fair”issue on Monday evening, but It was not the thing, but of emotionality, and especially when driving in difficult times. Because fun is a must, finally, also in climate change.

emotional “Tough but fair”-round module: Luisa Neubauer (“Fridays for Future”-climate activist; Alliance 90/The Greens) protects the climate by eat “almost completely” vegan, has no car, uses public transport and flies “very very rare”. the Svenja Schulze (Federal Minister of the environment; and SPD) much with the bike, doesn’t eat meat, and used the track, “whenever it comes”. the Ulf Poschardt (editor-in-chief of “The world”) invested “in beautiful things, you throw away never,” because he believes, “the beauty is something that is sustainable”, and flies extremely little because he hates to fly, avoid traveling whenever possible, “Biomarkt-Addict” and not to argue for conscious consumption, but believes to be able to save the world. the Herbert Diess (Chairman of VW) believes that there are great things that need to change, and has undertaken to reduce its horrendous CO2 footprint by 20 percent. the Markus Lanz (talk show host and nature documentary Filmer) not trying to make “a little”, don’t want to make a name for himself but “as a missionary, the perfect protector of the climate at all”. For the large-scale structural changes there is a need for people like Herbert Diess.How was the discussion?

And what could give us this round? In the first place, that the climate protests of students and student generation are apparently not really needed. In essence, the message of the “Fridays for Future”activists is limited to a simple message: “We are here, we are loud, because you are stealing our future”; in other words: The time is running out, we now need to come up with the climate protection how can I explain anything. With the emphasis on “now”. A climate researcher would certainly be able to provide information on how much time and how much CO2 Budget still remains, before the effects of climate change become uncontrollable. But so were built in Plasberg perk up more castles in the air.


“Fridays for Future”

climate protests: The policy makers squander a historic opportunity

Dieter Hoß

Since there were the great German engineers, stated Lanz, the could invent something, “that we fly so that we fuck up the climate” – “one day”. VW chief Diess had an enormous room, in a good mood himself, and the exhaust trickery evil behaved car maker thanks to the construction of E-cars suddenly to the Supreme protector of the climate of high cheer. You would wonder would the VW competition in Plasberg make representations to the occasion similar to that at some length. The Federal Minister for the environment called in 2019 to the year in which the government is going to stop climate change – an announcement that is likely to be measured. And “world”-Journalist Poschardt, indulged in car-romance and wanted to sell it in all Seriousness as sustainable, that he had an old Porsche with a comparatively low consumption hazards. The don’t have a good Eco-balance, since you have to throw it for him. Sardonic demand Plasbergs, what is the car swallowed because “so” have. Answer Poschardt: “No Idea.”

The dispute-Dialog

No wonder, then, that it was, above all, the “world”-Journalist who got Time and again with climate activist Luisa Neubauer each other. The, for example, had little understanding of the fact that one must also take in a special state of Auto-Fans consideration.
Neubauer: “So sorry, but if you listen to them, Mr Poschardt, assumes that you have absolutely no understanding of what a climate crisis …”
“Explain it to me!” throws in Poschardt.
Neubauer: “of Course, it comes to CO2 reduction. (…) It is obvious that we have a CO2 Budget that gives us clear limits to what we can do. (…) And within this budget it is now called, to be creative, to use design space, and to make the Best of it. If you now want to tell, it can’t be done well, because you had not emotionalized the car, because the soul is missing, then I have to tell you: ‘Sorry, we really have no more time.'”
Poschardt said, “Yes, but you don’t decide in the end, unless you are a dictatorship, they tell the people, what criteria are crucial.”

school strike for the climate

How a new Generation of your theme

By Jan Boris wintzen castle

discovered Only one of several scenes that illustrated why the attitude is of the for the climate demonstrating to young people so relentlessly, for some panic-making. You have a reasonable doubt that the urgency of the climate problem, it was already widely understood. Therefore, Neubauer and co. also no promises. Government and car manufacturers will acquire only trust, if you have “delivered”. If a Federal government is forged over decades of plans, you don’t realize, “then it is not enough if it says what we’re doing. Then you must prove it, that we can observe in this country of international agreements,” says Neubauer at Plasberg.


After this “Hard but fair”programme is clear: to talk About climate protection, in the Autoland Germany to speak, first and foremost, still about how you can also drive in the future, in spite of everything still in the car. Nevertheless, the “Fridays for Future”demonstrations have led to quite a bit. “Young people bring a new quality into the discussion, because they ask: ‘are you doing this right?'”, notes, of all things VW chief Diess. “You all right, anzuzählen us.”