The search for a in a more than 100-metre-deep well shaft missing child in Spain, after four days, more and more to the dramatic race against the clock. From the two-year-old Julen was there on Thursday at the scene of the accident in Totalán in the southern Spanish province of Málaga continues to be no sign of life.

Attempts, with the help of parallel and oblique to the borehole over the course of shaft ends, penetrate the two-year-old Julen, designed difficult. On Thursday, the fifth day of the search, waned the hope that the boy is still alive.

race against the clock in Spain

The Work of the vertical shaft making good progress, said of the Work involved Juan López journalists on the ground. The second shaft but of “problems”. To have him in less than two days, was “very complicated”. Several of the media experts interviewed said the recovery of the child was a “matter of days, not hours”. “It will take at least two, three, four days,” said López of the news Agency Europa Press

Fear in Spain

child missing for days: investigators find hairs in the well shaft

The two-year-old was, according to his family on Sunday in the vicinity of the Andalusian municipality of Totalán in the hole, while his parents nodded in the vicinity of pick. The 110-metre-deep exploration shaft, with a diameter of only 25 centimetres had been drilled, according to local media in December in search of water. Therefore, the hole was not covered.

With a large contingent of the forces tried since then to find the boy and save. Rubble and earth that had ripped Julen in his fall, apparently, the block in approximately 70 meters of depth of the hole, it is also too narrow for the salvage forces. No one knows whether Julen is still alive.

In the rescue operation, the Swedish company Stockholm Precision Tools AB is involved. They had contributed in 2010 to the rescue of the 33 Chilean buried miners who were rescued after 69 days under the earth.

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