in the Middle of in Ghana there is a village, in the well-being for centuries, not a single person is born. Mamfe Dove it is. An ancient superstition is the reason for it. The people here believe that births would offend the gods. “When our ancestors came to this country, they heard a voice from heaven,” said the village elder Kwame Tsiditse Gbenua of the British BBC. “It is a Holy Land here, and there are rules,” said the voice. “No one is here to give birth, no one should breed animals, and no one should be buried”, were the rules.

And the residents of the village until today. Women get contractions, must leave the village to bring their children somewhere else. A dangerous and arduous practice. Because the women need to look at the part of intense pain a place for the birth.

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firmly believe Hannah Kosinah, which is in the new month pregnant before is a trip while your in labor. “Some of us have to travel a long way,” she said. As she got to her first child, she would have had difficulties to find a car that you could bring in a neighbouring village. Also in the second birth it was. Now there is a clinic in the vicinity, but even then, one had to come first.

The young woman is therefore calling on the Council of Elders, the No-births-the-practice of abandoning to the women of the village can bring their children home to the world. However, the village elders hold on to the faith, but firmly. “If you [obey the gods], then everything will be fine. That is why we are still here,” believes Gbenua.

A glimmer of hope but there is for the women of Mamfe Dove anyway. Because in spite of the deep-seated superstition have abandoned other villages in the area, the Tradition already. Perhaps also the Council of Elders of Mamfe Dove shows some insight.

sources: BBC / Twitter