The proposed US force for the space to have a staff strength of 15,000 to 20,000 people. The Executive Minister of defense Patrick Shanahan at a space Symposium in Colorado Springs in the U.S. state of Colorado.

He stressed that the planned “United States Space Force” was so comparatively small. It is by far the smallest branch of the armed forces would, in fact, in addition to the existing five: army, Navy, air force, marine corps and coast guard. Shanahan stressed that overall, the costs and the administrative burden for the construction of the new unit are rather low, the effect is, however, extremely. He campaigned strongly for the new armed force for the protection of the fundamental security interests of the United States.

The space is now a place of war, said Shanahan. The threat there is large – in particular by China and Russia. “We will not sit back and watch, we must act,” he said. “Because so much is at much at stake, we must go quickly.” Space is essential for modern life and for modern warfare. “The future of America depends on space.”

For months, the U.S. government is pushing ahead with its plans for the creation of a separate armed force for the space. The government has submitted to the Congress a proposal on this. The members must agree to the plans but still.

at the end of March, US President, Donald Trump had already been named a commander-in-chief for the new space command of the armed forces. The “United States Space Command” is to combine existing space-activities of other commands under one roof.