In the eyes of some, is Edward Gallagher is a war hero. A highly decorated soldier of the US special forces unit Navy Seals who risked his life for his country. But the allegations, the investigator charge against the 39-Year-old, weighing heavy. You accuse him to have 2017 in Iraq, a wounded fighter of the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) and later next to the corpse posing stabbed to death. He also is accused to have shot at civilians. From Monday to Gallagher must be tried before a military court in San Diego for murder and other charges. He rejects the accusations.

Also, some of his comrades to defend the soldiers and contradict the accusations. The case has been beating for months, waves in the United States. Several dozen Republicans jumped Gallagher to the side, the conservative media are up in arms. And also US President Donald Trump has turned on.

a look back: In may 2017 Gallagher is stationed in Mosul, it will be the eighth use. The city was once the ISIS stronghold in Iraq, Gallagher’s use of some of the districts are still under the control of the terrorists, the battle for the recapture runs. American special forces assist the Iraqi military in the process.

Details of the secret investigation report

In the specific case, the on or the 3. May play have, should Iraq have a soldier boy, IS taken prisoner, was injured in an air attack. As is clear from the indictment, accuse the investigators of the naval Gallagher to have him killed.

crash of a soldier

In 200 missions in Iraq – at home he’s a drug addict and Bank robber

Gernot Kramper

The “New York Times” has published fought Details from a secret report of investigation, the have it all, according to a medic in the US should have treated Navy the IS fighters, as Gallagher on the injuries received and the Teenager got stabbed with a knife several times in the neck and in the side. Later, he was posing next to the corpse for a swearing-in ceremony, while another soldier had held an American flag high. After the incident, Gallagher had sent a photo of the corpse of a comrade, and wrote: “I caught him with my hunting knife.”

in addition, the Elite is said to have shot a soldier, according to the indictment, on several occasions on civilians. According to the “New York Times” about a girl and an old man who carried a pitcher of water in the Arm. Some members of his unit were so concerned about the behavior of Gallaghers, that they had tampered with his gun, to make them less of a target, the newspaper reported, citing investigators. They, too, had given warning shots to alert civilians.

conspiracy against Gallagher?

Gallagher rejects all allegations. His lawyer, Timothy the name validly published said on Reuters request, his client did provide the IS fighters medically. This had been the only Survivor of a rocket attack on a building and have had severe injuries. Gallagher have done, what he had been trained, he had provided medical aid.

The defense accuses members of Gallagher’s unit, to have their boss framed because they had not gone with his way clear. You would want to achieve that, he will be removed from his Post.

This is a representation of the events. The investigators paint a different picture. In fact, according to the New York Times that the case had only come to light because seven soldiers in Gallagher’s unit could not be intimidated. You have not left loose, so that her commander had reported the allegations after all.

bombs on the hospital in Kunduz

Doctors without borders USA throw war crimes

Gallagher’s family is fighting for his reputation. His brother Sean Gallagher appealed in February to President Donald Trump, for the Elite soldiers to use. This was a “true warrior” who had risked his life in the fight against the IS. There are photos, Videos, and eyewitness reports showed that the allegations were baseless. The System is broken, and Trump had to fix it.

Trump has already pardoned war criminals

in mid-may, the New York Times, Trump reported was considering to grant a pardon to several Americans, to whom war crimes were accused or were convicted. One of them is to Gallagher. A few days later, Trump said he has not decided about that yet. “It is a bit controversial. It is very well possible that I let the processes run and my decision after the court proceedings have to meet.”

recently, Trump had pardoned former army officer Michael Behenna, who was convicted of the murder of a prisoner in Iraq. The civil rights organization ACLU criticized the sharp: Trump should prevent war crimes, instead of to approve. Cases like this evoke memories of the dark Chapter in the fight against Terror – and, as with many political debates in America, Trump is also discussed here in a subtle way the question of what to do for a country, the USA.

Also from the ranks of veterans such Pardons to be viewed critically. “It is a bad idea. Bad for America. Bad for our troops,” said recently the founder of the organizations Iraq and Afghanistan veterans for America, Paul Rieckhoff, the US broadcaster CNN. “When the President arrives, and these people are pardoned, then the States in principle: Our troops are not bound to rules. You can do what you want.”

Rieckhoff also fears that such Pardons would have indirect impacts on the safety of American soldiers in conflict. “If the people in these countries thinking that we can commit war crimes without being held accountable, you will not trust them (the soldiers),” said the Veteran. “We will be immediately from the Good to the Evil.”

ivi/Maren Hennemuth / DPA